I SPENT $600 on Super RARE OREOS

I SPENT $600 on Super RARE OREOS
I SPENT $600 on Super RARE OREOS SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. razorenkethron says

    Hakuna Matata Hakuna Matata what a wonderful phrase

  2. sophia heckmann says

    The carrot cake Oreos

  3. Chocolate Chip gacha L says

    I ❤️ cinnamon

  4. Aurelius Trading Group says

    Why you're video name is called Аз спечелих…

  5. little poptart says

    They still have Halloween oreos

  6. louise Williams says

    I think you forgot an oreo

  7. Hunny Cini Bun says

    the spring Oreos are supposed to taste like peeps

  8. Ireland Gaming says

    also, firework oreos are for the 4th of July not New Years Azzy😂

  9. Ireland Gaming says

    firework oreos are my favorite oreos, they are sooooooooooooooooo good

  10. Ireland Gaming says

    I have tried the cherry cola, jelly donut, and spring ones before

  11. gacha life lover cats says

    I want some

  12. Sebxiiv says

    Where You At 10m AzzyLanders

  13. Honey Galaxy Gamer Plays says

    The fireworks Oreo isn’t rare I’ve had them before

  14. Captain Poop says

    WeIRd fLeX bUt oK…

  15. David Avila says

    Love your vids

  16. Jennifer Hadad says

    Edit: I entered and got half the prize because I guessed fruit loop

  17. Elijah Escobar says


  18. H Ü says

    I can germany and english
    Who else?

  19. Gacha_Potato _Screach says

    I have the spring oreos where i live
    They litterly have red velvet oreos where i live xD
    and the pumpkin :/

  20. Alena Ehman says

    This is his many people love azzy

  21. XxX Katie_Playz XxX says


  22. Hello sir says

    This is Azzy
    Azzy spent 600$ on expired cookies
    Azzy shouldn’t have
    Don’t be like Azzy

  23. Lachlan Symons says

    Btw way we call jelly jam in Australia as I don't know why

  24. Anderson Maldonado says

    This is azzy dieing of expired doken donuts mocha cookies

  25. May joy Calajate says

    This is Cookie 🍪she’s about eatin 1 like = her getting stale so she won’t get eatin

  26. Kpop Gamer says

    I shouldn’t be watching this, because I can’t eat sugar, salt, or fatty foods, cause I’m suffering from leukemia(blood cancer). OMG WHY AM I WATCHING THIS!?(I freaking love Oreos omg)

    1 like=1 prayer 🙏

  27. Chelsea Brooks says

    She did not tell us the cheap and rare ones

  28. Kevin Walton says

    Ware did u find them at

  29. Redtube99 says

    I wish I was eating Oreos rn lol

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