FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM HERE: http://instagram.com/Roxxsaurus/ Hey guys! Today’s video is a Autumn Primark Try on clothing haul! I haven’t done a Primark …

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  1. Roxxsaurus says

    Bringing it back with the good old Primark Haul!? Who else missed these? I remember always watching Primark Hauls before I started my channel so they have a special place in my heart! Hope you guys enjoy this video and are having a fab day! Love you all! – Roxi xo

  2. Angeliz C. says

    did you and mia maples literally bought the same shirt dress but in different color? omg i love both of you ❤️

  3. Chloe Hodgson says

    Where is the jumper you're wearing in this video from? It's gorgeous 😍😍🙃

  4. Hana O says

    Why does everything has to be brown? 🙁 I went to Primark last week and came out empty handed

  5. Dani-louise hatchett says

    Can some people check my clown video out please I'm quite proud of it and would love to see people's feed backs

  6. Kirsty Balfour says

    Omg love the haul ❤

  7. r nicole says

    I don’t like these type of videos! you are like a broken CD. like it better when you talked after you would have change in to the new cloths

  8. Priyah Johnson says

    Where’s the blue jumper from😻

  9. avmps bws says

    I don’t know why but roxi reminds me a bit of Perrie Edwards from little mix🤪

  10. Royal Glitter Queen says

    I love the first jumper aswell looked so nice and warm and that colour really suits you huni and the mens jumper was really nice, love Tshirt bras to they are great because you can hide them under clothing quite well and they are really comfy great haul Roxi xo

  11. robynpijuan says

    Love a Primark Haul 💰🏷👗 What about a new look Clothing video? X

  12. Yaiza Rodríguez says

    I love primark hauls and bedroom transfomations!! Perfect week! <3

  13. Erika C. R. says

    Where is the jumper from???? I need it!!!! Anybody knows?

  14. Ashley Picheloup says

    Where did you find the 2 bras for 2 pounds each? All I saw are bras for $6 and up.

  15. Teo Popovici says

    Hey Roxi, it was me you met in primark! It was amazing actually getting to see you in person, you literally made my day! Love your videos and hope to see you again 💛💛💛

  16. sosfree forall says

    i think you should try toe-touches, where you reach down and touch the toes or the floor, then reach up to the sky; be sure to keep your knees just barely bent to avoid hyperextension
    it just looks like you need it, like you are holding on to some stress or something; imagine it like picking up leaves in autumn and throwing them up to the sky; then they rain down as you pick up more
    another one you might like, the buddha prayer bow; put your hands together palms flat, fingers straight, interlock thumbs; extend arms forward, then point fingers up to vertical; your elbows will bend a bit to achieve the proper form; then bend over while keeping the fingers vertical till your hands touch your forehead, then back to upright and hands extended, keeping fingers vertical
    this is meant as a sort of life-coach suggestion, not anything critical
    also, you sort of address the camera from a skewed perspective, meaning not centered or square; imagine you are hugging the camera, like a little kitten or puppy, to your heart

  17. Amel Ham says

    Let your subscribers choose your outfits from primack and send you the link

  18. Laraib Khan says

    I thought I was the only one who realised the rise in Primark prices! It’s a bit sad, but the quality is getting better too so we cant complain

  19. Jonna Julianna says

    … the amount of clothing in this video scares me. in 2019 when people are aware about the problems of fast fashion? fine but that's not cute

  20. Cookie with 100 Subs says

    Could u consider making a video of u shopping in primark?

  21. Queen Famous says

    Hey love you very much ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  22. Noemi Guarnieri says

    Where did u buy the sweater that u are wearing in this video? So beautiful!

  23. Kendra m says

    can u link the products in the comments!!!!

  24. Abdullrazaq Khan says

    The viewer that got the same skirt is lucky i wish i was that viewer

  25. Abdullrazaq Khan says

    The viewer that got the same skirt is lucky i wish i was that viewer

  26. Abdullrazaq Khan says

    The viewer that got the same skirt is lucky i wish i was that viewer

  27. Abdullrazaq Khan says

    I happy that your primark video is back

  28. sonich1 says

    Thanks for doing the men's bit at the end. I might actually get a pair of those joggers so I appreciate it. 😃

  29. Helen 22 says

    Great Primark Haul The Cozy Jumpers

  30. Nada Bahy says

    Love your sweater ❤️😍

  31. Katherine Leyton says

    Love your primark hauls ❤️ I really wish we had a primark here in Australia. We can’t even order online, I’ve tried 😢 but yes definitely bring back the primark hauls, I’ve missed them and love watching them. Love you 💗💋

  32. Corporate Mike says

    All stellar looks!

  33. mo says

    Omg I need to go to primark 😍

  34. Bing Bang says

    Your room is so beautiful👇

  35. Chandrika Rajpurohit says

    In india,there is starting of Winter!!Love from India roxy!!😍😍😍

  36. Ceaaa22 says

    Agreed re loose fitting collars. I prefer a snug polo/rollneck on my jumpers because I don't like the way cowlnecks look on me. I had a bad habit of constantly fiddling with the ones I used to wear way back when.

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