I SURPRISED my Fans with Christmas GIFTS on their wish list !

I SURPRISED my Fans with Christmas GIFTS on their wish list !
I SURPRISED my Fans with Christmas GIFTS on their wish list ! Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another amazing video! Growing up …

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  1. Stokes Russell says

    This is the first ever video that I have hit the like button on. I love how you came to peoples homes, made them so happy and spent your own money to get them gifts! I love you Azzy!!!!!!! Keep spreading positive vibes and love into the world!

  2. I wish I was as lucky as those people but I live in another country . If you ever came to my door I won't be as happy for the gifts I will mostly be happy to see you! But I am so happy for those people tho! I LOVE YOU AZZY💖💓

  3. Divya Shenoy says

    I wish I could be one of those people 🙁🙁

    But I live in india

  4. Alice Schultz says

    I wanna meet you

  5. Ellie Hardy says

    What if their parents have already got those exact presents and they just wasted a load of money…

  6. cookiecupcake14 says

    To Azzy Haters,
    Look at this. A YouTuber who you hate, giving away free presents to some of her fans. I have a big question for you. Why do you hate on this amazing YouTuber? She spent her money on fans….I know it's not MrBeast amounts of presents but you don't see normal YouTubers doing this…do you?

  7. Sasikala Balasubramanyam says

    So i was watching this vid and my small bro came and said Santa is no real and i was like o yea here's your 🎅 and my brother's like this

  8. Imogen Tams says

    I am so sad because I love in england

  9. Alex & Ly-Ly says

    My Christmas list

    1: To see AzzyLand

  10. Roudha Mohammed says

    One question : Azzy where are you from and where are you living in?

  11. Random person -_- says

    I want to move to Canada now. I’m in Sweden and I know that no one cares about Sweden so but bye

  12. Julisa Iwens says

    I love azzy ik heb het zelf ook gedaan om dat je zoo leuk bent

  13. Queen. Øf.cheese says

    This is such a sweet video🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️💓💓💗💗 The girl who said her spirit animal is a sloth, I relate because I took a quiz and that’s what I got, then my sister got a zebra

  14. Lily Loves Ombré says

    Whoever disliked hates Christmas and Azzy :<

  15. Ozair Aazmaaen Kabir says

    This is such a wholesome thing to do! Only people with such great hearts really do this to their fans and people they really love. Azzy you are definitely the best human alive and I hope people take inspiration from you and do the same! Love you Azzy!!!!♥️♥️♥️❤❤

  16. Jens Pedersen says

    That is a THICC AZZYLAND 👌😂

  17. Alex & Ly-Ly says

    I live in Georgia so I’m far from Canada

  18. The_Pro PLAYER says

    DUDE only 1 little boy and that's it?
    U know Azzy that boys like you too for you humor,personality yada yada not only for your looks so i think you should pick boys too cuz i felt a little OFFENDED


  19. lia z says

    Azzy is so sweet

  20. Unknown_girl 907 says

    I didnt get to write the wishlist because my mom wouldnt let me and i'm in germany 🙁 but MERRY CHRISTMAS AZZZYYY

  21. Marchaela Ariane Almazora says

    this is so funny i love it im crying love you azzy

  22. The Phantomfox says

    I want a Siberian husky puppy for Christmas so pray for me 1 like = 1 prayer

  23. Devika DL Devika DL says

    OK I didn't get my gift

  24. Celestial Games says

    Me luv your videos i luv this video the most! You are very kind in doing his, helping the ones that is in need

  25. Azzy is like my other big sister I love her so much💕

  26. Random person -_- says

    I’m jealous. I live in Sweden so there is no point 😭

  27. Trixy Freeze says

    Azzy ur so generous and I appreciate u can't buy stuff for everyone so even though I didn't get picked I'm still happy u had the thought about it

  28. Sarah Special says

    She paid for this using azzy MONEY 💰

  29. Ruby Daoudi says

    I really wish I could meet you but I live in a different country 😭😭😭😭😭

  30. T-N Gacha PLÄYS says

    Azzy your amazing that's all I got to say. If I asked my friends if they wanted to meet u they would ask if I was born on Mars 😂😭your so sweet I wanna hug from u too!!!

  31. Austeja Bartulyte says

    I live in Europe so it's inpossible to me😂❤
    Love you AZZY!!!❤❤❣❣

  32. Kayla Jefferies says

    i am a hug fan i am Kayla and you make me happy and i wish i met you every time when i watch your video i cry or be happy i am ten year old my dream is to met you your the best

  33. Ann Anomaly says

    can i have a rainbowcorn i live in england conglton 14 gallaway green

  34. Ryza kate Amo says

    I was smiling while watching the whole video

  35. TXT BTS lover says

    Azzy you nice keep going !! I love you sooo muchhhh

  36. Hiya Hussain says

    I had been on YouTube for 2 years but I never ever liked a video,but watching this video just made me like the video!! I love you so much Azzy<3.
    Your voice and kindness makes my heart melt. Please don’t ever stop making these amazing content. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  37. andrew lewis says

    I am sill laughing

  38. lovely girl carillo says

    Why u didn't go to my house….. 😭😔😢❤️😐

  39. RDK Dance says

    Can I get 🎁

  40. Eva Danko says

    And I live in another country and you didn’t get me the thing but I still love you and I’m glad I’m subscribe to you and you always put a smile on my face

  41. Fa&Fe Sisters says

    10:32 haha her face

  42. Fïrë_ Wölfïx says

    I wish I can meet Azzy!!
    Sadly I'm in Philippines..
    I'll try to be positive as long as I can
    Love you Azzyland!! You make me smile,laugh,cry(tears of joy) because I'm your biggest fan I love you!!

  43. Anetta Zak says

    Your the best azzy i know i probably didn't win but your just the best person ever thank you 😁💙🙂💙☺☺🤗

  44. Matilde Eglite says

    Azzy you make me happy every time im sad you are the best i love you and hope you have a wonderful cheistmas

  45. belle swepupbro says

    I wish that was me but I live far away from Canada

  46. Smoothie Gacha says

    I wish I sent my wish list, but…
    1. I probably live far away
    2. I suck at English
    3. I don’t like to ask for something. I’m too afraid to seem greedy.

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