I Tried DIY Nail Extensions

I Tried DIY Nail Extensions
Would you rather go to the salon or do your nails at home?

 I Tried #DIY #Nail #Extensions
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  1. Kristen Andronyk says

    I’m a nail tech., we don’t use dual forms or Polly gel here but I’ve used the system on my own at home. Takes a few times to figure them out properly and to get a good set of nails. Great first time try though 🙂

  2. Natalie Kendel says

    Everyone: How much "plop!" sounds do you want?
    As Is: Yes.

  3. Natalie Kendel says

    Please fix your sound levels. The talking is too low, and the sound effects too high.

  4. Dayla-June Artz says

    Your actually supposed to choose a mold a little bigger than your nail…

  5. chantal_ nm says

    Tip: on wish or Alixpress you can buy a uv lamp that you can only put one finger in at a time but it's only like 2 dollars

  6. James Werner says

    Cool product

  7. Abi Butler says

    Omg I have that!! And builder gel, and acrylics and stuff and it’s all pretty different surprisingly

  8. Candidly Candace says

    Been wanting to try it and now I definitely think I will! Thanks Chloe!

  9. Nadira Adiswari says

    I appreciate how Chloe keeps an open mind and ACTUALLY follows the instructions. Some people who do this kind of videos like to just ignore the instructions and then get mad because it doesn't work…. Which might have been their fault. Love you, Chloe!

  10. Zuri Nelson says

    If you actually wanna see a decent review about polygel nails and showing someone doing them check out LongHairPrettyNails on Youtube, because literally about 50% of this video is her just talking and not doing anything

  11. afsheen sami says

    Ewwww that's sooo not looking good
    I mean WHYYYYYY !!!! Destroy ur pretty nails by doin that
    BTW ur nails r not looking good😩😩😩😩💩💩

  12. chiquitalatinafun says

    Wow that worked!

  13. sammylil bear says

    70 dollars I legit spend only 15-20 bucks to get my my nails done

  14. Shaelynn Marie says

    Let me get this straight: she buys a kit (without research), gets mad that the kit doesn't have all the stuff, uses "old" products (which may be expired), complains that it's difficult to do…. yeah, this is why people PAY for skilled individuals to do it.

  15. bihgirl13 says

    I'm scrolling through the comments to see if any one mentioned how Chloe and Sansa Stark (Sophia Turner) look similar!!

  16. BlowItOutYourCunt says

    Poor thing, she must not have figured out TONER! Yellow hair is NOT cute!

  17. Rebeca Bonilla says

    She barely tried it. Clearly sponsored by Amazon as they always are. The product didn’t seem worth it.

  18. Isa Caceres says

    This has nothing to do with the video and I’m not trying to be mean but am the only one who thinks Chloe’s hair needs a lighter color to it? Maybe toner or something

  19. LucJ says

    Did you try ramen

  20. alexiahetka says

    i actually did gel and polygel at home for about two years before i ever got my nail extensions done at the salon for the first time! followed countless youtube tutorials and researched for the cheapest stuff, takes a while to get the hang of it but it’s totally worth it

  21. Blue-ish Blueberry says

    Well yeet

  22. lampa dedromia says

    title: DIY nail extensions

    me: DiD sHe UsE nOoDlEs?!

  23. DarkSans_97 says

    I'm allergic to gel sadly

  24. Hannah Detweiler says

    to take it off file it down with a nail file until it’s not shiny. then i have used the end of a plastic water bottle as a container for acetone. DONT USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER. ONLY USE 100% acetone! then let them soak off

  25. Frederikke Grand says

    Can you try the foundation that 'matches' your skin tone? I think it is called the color changing foundation ☺️☺️💃

  26. PeachyVanilla says

    Shooting nail stuff should be done on a proper table so the sufience can see

  27. Inna Bondarenko says

    Can you try the invi-lift tape? Supposed to support cups A-G.

  28. Mariya Shaikh says

    Ok the camera person is really bad sorry

  29. Cassandra Lewis says

    "Nail Career Education" youtube channel shows how this PolyGel nail kit works. She is a certified nail tech and gives tips and tricks on applying Acrylic, Gel, and this newer PolyGel which is easier to work with than the other types. Her videos are so satisfying to watch!

  30. Lea Hay says

    I have been wanting so badly to buy this stuff!! I see it advertised on my Instagram a lot and have been tempted to buy it! Definitely gonna look into it more since watching this

  31. Stevie Ford says

    It’s giving me anxiety that you are working on such a small table and the uv light is on the floor

  32. Flyy T.a says

    Horrible video

  33. Flyy T.a says

    She is not a nail artist if she does not know what poly gel is that does not make any sense

  34. Ele Marie says

    My nails are naturally really long. People say I'm lucky but when I break one, I have to wait months for it to grow back.

  35. Kat Shaw says

    At my nail salon it’s only $25 for students to get get a full set

  36. Lilly Harris says

    Not to mention expensive, acrylic nails are also really damaging, and if you don’t live a in big city (ex. LA) you don’t have as many quality nail salons available

  37. Argelia Hall says

    This is not how you do it it is allllllllll wrong

  38. Katherine Ford says

    Polygel is easier then acrylic so just practise, then practise filling and you can learn a lot 😊

  39. BabyKakes says

    She gave me major anxiety…..😣😂 Too much happening, fast talking

  40. Anjelica Verlin says

    At the salon by my house it’s only 25$ to get acrylics 30$ if it’s gel

  41. Stephanie Wambe says

    4 pound acr I click nails b&m

  42. Kaylee Mills says

    Who else is obsessed with the couch ??

  43. Anoushcka Bhat says

    i LOVE this wig gurl

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