I Tried High-Heeled Leggings

I Tried High-Heeled Leggings
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  1. Leah McLain says

    Ooo I want them!

  2. truck1ooo says

    Yes please!

  3. Mark Donaldson says

    I enjoyed the vid my G/f asked me to find the best leggings around wearing high heels I keep hearing cute booty are the absolute best for your money. Though I would spread the love

  4. alan jackson says

    where can i buy a pair plz do you have a link

  5. ariesmars29 says

    Those are cool, but I'd like stirrup tights better and the stirrup can go over the heels. Oh and ladies or men, NEVER wear tights that show your ankles or lower leg (capri)! Those are gross! I don't want to see 1" or more of skin between your shoes and tights. Either tuck the tights into your shoes/socks or wear real socks, not gross "no show" ankle slippers.

  6. Howard Johnson says

    Can you imagine if you went over to someone's house and they have a no shoes rule? Lol.

    They may end up having to either drop their pants or slip the feet through the zippered area and have them dangle awkwardly from the legs. Lol again.

  7. xxAngel Craftxx says

    They're called BALENCIAGAS

  8. J. Gabriel Lemos says

    It looks practical, tbh.

  9. Viktor Viktorow says


  10. nickquik says


  11. GlobalMetalITV says

    'sexy peter pan'

  12. cakesoncups says

    this is so freakin funny i cant even

  13. Achai Adub says

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ β€œif you want to wear these pants, you have to wear these shoes.” 😭

    β€œBites.” πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  14. Kriso says

    She wearing underwear ??

  15. bootslover boots says

    I thin at the end you love those pant boots because is the second time you try them I m sure you felt in love with them!

  16. Liam R says

    Just ordered some πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  17. glen judge says

    is there a robin hood convention

  18. me me says

    walks into neighbors house "TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF BEFORE COMING IN!"

  19. Hugenia Cooney says

    Great, now you don’t have to worry what shoes to wear…since you have no options 😁

  20. Joaquin Chi says

    Se te marca bien la fruta osea papaya

  21. anthony wade says

    beautiful outfit babe

  22. Mojo Killergunz says

    Nice n so sexy on u.

  23. Marcos AntΓ΄nio says


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