I Tried Making A Steak Dinner For Two With Only $14 • Tasty

I Tried Making A Steak Dinner For Two With Only $14 • Tasty
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  1. Ditto Bagaskoro says

    He's just amazing, should definitely make a series with him

  2. Sunil says

    7:05 cross contamination 😭

  3. Tasin 707 says

    Man he makes cooking …very easy and cheap….❤❤❤

  4. Ashleigh Michelle says

    I hope this is a series! Love David! We stannnnn

  5. Nigga Higga says

    he's actually thicc will smith, why don't y'all recognize him?

  6. Stempig Jdinfwe says

    They broke up…

  7. Aida S says


  8. Danni says

    This is a great concept for a series, but the delivery comes off as WAY too scripted. Loosen up, my guy.

  9. Alvin Moses says

    Best thing from Tasty! He's a great host

  10. Williams Duran says

    Like it’s but he sometimes sounds like he’s reading a script

  11. Swank Hoe says

    “Yo yo what up my name Hi C”

  12. HadeaRin says

    Let him get a series

  13. Rifky Maulana says

    This is Tasty, this is what we need!!
    a funny guy, and low budget food!!
    for ourself, cause i can;t afford any girlfriend though..

  14. Joker X-07 says

    So cool😎😎

  15. Cresiree DC says

    This 👏 needs 👏 a 👏 series 👏

  16. Zeyegress E says

    More of this! This guy is amazing

  17. Koi Matai says

    That's a appetizer 😂

  18. Flamingo Ssss says

    Get this man his own cooking on a budget series!

  19. DamnItNanet MUA says

    David is adorable and hilarious! Amazing presenting style, straight forward while still injecting his wonderful personality throughout the video XD love this!

  20. Jaxon Doyle says

    I like this mans vibe, respect.

  21. Autumn Hutchison says

    “This is dollar dish” 😂 I would definitely watch if this became a series #dollardish

  22. GreatKonflict says

    This gotta be his white voice

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