I Tried The Jet Lag Face Mask

I Tried The Jet Lag Face Mask
What’s your travel skincare routine? As/Is Boldly has changed its name to As/Is–don’t worry, it’s the same content you know and love! Subscribe for daily videos …

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  1. Too Hoo says

    Can she do the audible for my book tho

  2. sarah sullivan says

    Oh my God your voice is soooooooo relaxing. I could listen to you talk for ages and not get sick of it 😍

  3. Maddi Brown says

    I definitely didn't order this right after watching the video…

  4. Zoe O says

    literal goddess omg i was NOT ready

  5. Ain’t nobody funny says

    Me reading title: jet “black”

    When she puts the face mask on I’m tripped up like isn’t it supposed to be black if it’s jet black

    I read the title again….jet lag.

    I misread the title

  6. Cece Terrell says


  7. Ben Kahnke says

    ummm honey there is no chemical exfoliant in that mask…

  8. Jerry Troy says

    she fake as duck

  9. Jerry Troy says

    I'm so sorry fur ur bs issues. knela lame is ur name.

  10. BunNessa_ Art says

    I love her so much! 😂 she's amazing!

  11. Erin Bethea says

    She has the sexiest voice

  12. Melissa May says

    more kuwilileni!!

  13. thedopestethiopian says

    Trying to change herself because this is her first solo video idk idk 🤔

  14. thedopestethiopian says

    Why is she talking like that. like she’s trying to speak monotone without making those natural octanes we all make. weird

  15. sharon zona says

    RIGHT after you said, "Ok, now we wait 10 min." at about 2 min on the video, you could already see a difference in the brightness and dewyness if your skin! Ok, I'm going to watch the rest of the video now you see how it all works out!

    Glowy! That's the perfect word! Radiant is another good one!! That's pretty awesome that everyone thought you were wearing makeup, probably a highlighter, and you weren't wearing any at all. So awesome!

  16. Gwen Martinez says

    What does this woman do for work or how come she's always traveling?

  17. Zoe Sherman says

    I LOVE your voice!!!!!

  18. Zane Robbins says

    Looks like the years biggest marketing scheme has arrived.

  19. Jennifer Valdez says

    Her aesthetic is like a dula that you have to book in advance because she is that good

  20. iinvaderkim says

    😍 not going to lie, when I first saw her in a video I was a little bit iffy and didn't like her all that much. But with each video I've seen with her, I like her more and more. She's easily one of my favorite buzzfeed employees now.

  21. Madison Elizabeth says

    How does travelling affect your skin if you are still maintaining your usual routine?

  22. Na B says

    Love her and her piercings! But seriously, where can I get that septum ring?!

  23. Avielle says

    Still the prettiest at buzzfeed

  24. Alliyah Mitchell says

    I love her voice🤤

  25. Corey Bannister says

    Great video, love your voice. But close them cabinets.

  26. McKenna Coulombe says

    MORE skin care videos please!!!!!!

  27. Sara qz says

    She’s so quirky and beautiful and I’m now a fan girl and I don’t feel bad about it for a minute

  28. The UnicornTrash690 says

    OH NO

  29. Ya Girl Ray ! says

    She’s so peaceful I love it ❤️

  30. Samera O says

    My favs are jazzy and fed💞

  31. quinn says


  32. Maham Ali says

    when she was telling stories it was like talking to an old friend :')

  33. Sofia Fahrion says

    She needs to drop her routine and products that she normally uses.

  34. Roma Prasad says

    Do a whole skincare routine!

  35. Taku koala says

    Is it weird that I think that I think she has a really good narrator voice 😂 like read a maya angelou book to me pls 😂😂😂

  36. Ruth Long says

    She is so bomb. She actually manages to be strong, badass, chill, and cute at the same time! You go girl!

  37. Hannah McDonald says

    Kuillilani (sorry I've probably spelt it wrong) she is soo beautiful

  38. Tung Le says

    Groundbreaking, she had just exfoliated and immediately drowned herself in the sunlight.

  39. Emma G says

    Angels on bare skin cleanser is a god send nothings worked better for me

  40. Glitter Panda says

    If u quit BuzzFeed U could start Ur own channel and do AMS videos

  41. xx xy says

    Please show us how you style your hair 😍 I love it so much 😍😍😍

  42. Kaz Winchester says

    um marry me?

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