I tried the WEIRDEST Halloween CANDY you can find

I tried the WEIRDEST Halloween CANDY you can find
I tried the WEIRDEST Halloween CANDY you can find SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and …

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  1. Tracey Atkinson says

    its the 15th of october today

  2. Sandra Ferreira says

    Asst said the f word on camera!😐🤬

  3. Armish Khan says

    Do more of these trying yummy snacks of Halloween

  4. piatotakoh19 says

    I believe I can fly~
    Slap the face of the pizza guy~
    All i want is onion rings~
    But i got is chicken wings~
    I believe i can soar~
    being chased by a stinky boar~
    I tought i could run away~
    But suddenly i died away~

  5. Zoey kunneke says

    Azzy do a last to eat chocklate wins $100

  6. jayne white says

    azzys bf:cupple gouls


  7. HollyIsRaging says

    Is it me or the thumbnail was Kassie’s background?

  8. kate billin says

    I regret eating my dinner while watching Azzy eat worms and crickets……..

  9. Jasmine J says

    She's so small

    Hit the like button if u love her

  10. The Canine Squad TCS says

    No one:

    Nobody ever:

    Me: Azzy's scream is soo cute
    (not pervertly im only 10)

  11. Hiro Kino says


  12. wolfgirl 09 says

    Lol wot a prank gold

  13. p0k3m0n Mystic says

    THERE IS ONLY 2,897 RIGHT NOW!! THERE IS USUALLY LIKE 500,000!! I'm early 😀

  14. Stefanie Carter says

    Hi azzy I just want to say this now I love you and your channel and keep doing what you do best and we all know what that best is and also can you do a trying on Halloween costumes from anywhere and can you start doing wish videos and if you even red this that would make me happy

  15. Blossom Wolf Gacha's says

    When your mum can’t by proper Halloween treats
    Mum: Try this dear
    Me: Y-yum it’s amazing Mum

    Me on the inside: Eeewww, I’d rather 🍎(fruit)

  16. Persayess Popata dubois says

    The mac and cheese candy cane is from vat.19.com

  17. Arifa Khanom says

    Wait did you notice azzyland did not say delicious pfft

  18. Gita Shrestha says

    When will i get a heart from azzy…. never okay…

  19. Crystal_ Cookiez says

    My birthday is on 18th October!

  20. Jemma Mortimer says

    That cirket with the stinger. That cirkets would be female and it uses that to lay eggs in the dirt

  21. Starlight Rose says

    Crickets are food in our country but I think it is disgusting

  22. UwUNightcore Songs says

    I’m top comment for a few minutes because I commented and went to newest first

  23. Lexi M says

    Pleas do me videos like this!!!! 💖💖💖💖

  24. Yeseo Lee says

    In Australia Halloween’s is so far but still close

  25. Joseph Anthony says

    Yup, I agree with u Azzy…
    Tht was strange weird & gross for candies… Obviously never gonna ever have them!! 🤢 🤢 🤢
    Also I Love D way Jordi stands by ur side even in such gross situations, despite D fact tht he ran away in between… Lol 😅 😅 😅
    Love D #CoupleGoals 💕 💖
    Nice Video Azzy, Love U…!!! 😘 😘 😘

  26. John Paul Quema says

    550 that moment when you swear in front of your parents

  27. marco jones says

    I would pay anything to get a wiff of her a$$ hole.

  28. Shahnewaz Khan says

    I love u..

  29. im depresed says

    This does not sound like jordi

  30. Varsha Mohan says

    Aww so cute

  31. rose just meh says

    Wear head phones and start at 6:30 put full volume :3

  32. Abby Apple says

    O.m.g I’ve finally watched a video the day it was published! I love it by the way and most of them look delicious

  33. Poppy Davies says

    My 2 lizards eat alive locusts and worms and snail I have to live with them in my room

  34. Naifat Fakih says

    Who’s behind the camera tho??

  35. Majikalnight says

    The crickets looked the best out of all the candy

  36. Natalia Syvokon says

    Azzy:it tastes like lobster

    Me: i once had a lobster but it died because it was old…
    But eh.. i got over him!

  37. Tan says

    I Don’t Celebrate Halloween Coz It’s DANGEROUS anyway

  38. •keøra rølañdë• says

    Rip Azzy …🎃💀

  39. Avivi Davidson says

    roses are red
    tomatoes are too
    i love chocolate
    and azzy too!!!

  40. Aquatic Wolf says

    I've had the bbq worms and I like them they taste like chips 😂

  41. dd's peacesquad says

    Halloween candy and she pulls out candy canes

  42. Magna Vasmatzis says

    R.I.P. Timmy

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