I Tried To Make A 100-Year-Old Pretzel Recipe • Tasty

I Tried To Make A 100-Year-Old Pretzel Recipe • Tasty
There’s nothing better than a pretzel! The salt! The shape! The design! But where do pretzels come from? Have they always been as knotty as they appear?

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  1. Nur Hidayah says

    We need more of this series!

  2. Kelsey KINE says

    Hannah it's so unhealthy… holy shit I followed along and NO PRETZELS

  3. erasercut says

    Best show ever. GIEF us S.02 in great abundance!

  4. Aniriaana 19473710665721 says

    Try pretzel and nutella I promise it will be as satisfying as waking up at night and get a drink of water

  5. artistafrustrado says

    popcorn flavored Pretzels? count me in!

  6. UltimateOtaku Guro says

    i love this show…I will wait for another season

  7. TheKatzenabbort says

    Germany made Pretzels great again. To me they are as German as a Mercedes.

  8. Eileen Tirado says

    They looked like happy faces lol

  9. Hi Me says

    Looks like poo 😂

  10. James Gascon says

    I need to see Hannah Hart on the I Draw You cook series. Even just one episode.

  11. REGINA H says

    No… Need……🤣😂🥰 or knead…. 😳

  12. Jacqueline See-Tho says

    That music at 5:22 is the same music as American girl’s pet sledding online game. I just got deep flashbacks to my childhood.

  13. MUNAH M says

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that there is an expert for literally EVERYTHING 🤔?

  14. E K says

    This is the best thing on Tasty by far

  15. lbednaz says

    I really enjoyed your series! Follower from Mamie and Grace videos, enjoy your drinking escapades best bu. I usually don't watch Tasty but found these interesting and funny!

  16. Mélissandre L. says

    You should do macarons! The original version was so much different that what it is today 🙂

  17. Yasao Kenshi says

    Okay, now, whenver my mom asks if I want a Brezel (as we call them in Germany), I'll tell her "Yes mother, I do want food that has to do with human sacrifices." – things you learn from Youtube videos. XD

  18. Morgan McCauley says

    I. LOVE. THIS. SHOWWWWWWW. History and food will always be a win for me.

  19. Kitty Louisa says

    Season finale?! Noooooo!

  20. Ms Maybe says

    I live in Germany and the pretzel is everywhere. You’d think it’s just a stereotype, but it really is everywhere. They sell them on street corners like New York would sell Hot Dogs. And any festival has a giant plaster pretzel over the bakers booth. And most people use lye still. Most home bakers keep their lye water for a while because throwing it out is a hassle, because you can’t just put it down the sink.

  21. Godwins Tuyishime says

    Why does she sound like Miley Cyrus

  22. uniqua neal says

    Why I'm watching pretzels video while I'm eating pretzels?

  23. State of Kait says

    We want a season 2!!!!

  24. AtticusBlackwolf says

    Season finale?!?! Oh No! I vote for a season two!!!

  25. Brittany Brown says

    hahaha man i miss the drunk kitchen days!

  26. bigchicago01 says

    She did a horrible job of rolling those out and shaping them.

  27. Sulayman Goodson says

    This video is half funny😂😂😂and so yummy😮😣I CANT HANDLE IT

  28. whyohyou38 says

    Does anyone else miss the old tasty like from 2016 and 2017

  29. Ak P says

    If buzzfeed wanted to copy the idea of food through history, they should have promoted or aquired emmy's channel or atleast paid her some due credit and respect.
    This is plagiarising her concept.

  30. Sulayman Goodson says

    Hannah you are one big fan of pretzels😑😣😢

  31. Kat Maxwell says


  32. Sulayman Goodson says

    That was so much salt but it can be the only way to make a pretzel right?

  33. Sulayman Goodson says

    Sure it is.you know the whole thing is making my mouth dry to watery

  34. angela says

    idk man she gives me lesbian vibes

  35. Sulayman Goodson says

    I think the pretzel video got me kinda hungry but i skipped out on lunch and kept watching the video

  36. Danielle Grace Lopez says


  37. rowelle says

    Is there a way to block videos in this channel featuring this sellout and embarrassment to the LGBTQIA community?

  38. Stefan Hendriks says

    Germanic not german professor

  39. jordan pantoja says

    I'm so drawn to her energy. I could watch these videos all day. 😀

  40. Marshmallowmonster 66 says

    11,475! Viewer

  41. Kyan Barsana says

    I love edible history 😁😍

  42. Birby says

    this w*man is cringe

  43. Holly Hauck says

    This was the season finale!? Noooo I love this show!! Can't wait til next season! 😅

  44. Jørgen Hansen says

    i like this idea, trying old recipes, but terrible host

  45. Bomi Komolafe says

    William woys weaver deffo created the Internet 😂

  46. Serena World says

    Make ammonia cookies from 1874 😁

  47. Anna anna says

    make another asian maybe Japan food…….. or europe Holland, if u want make another…. please, if not it s okay… but still love this old(history)

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