I Tried To Make Ancient Tamales • Tasty

I Tried To Make Ancient Tamales • Tasty
Tamales are a staple of Latin American cuisine, but what do you know about their history? Hannah unwraps the origins of the tamal as she talks with food …

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  1. Aishwarya Balaji says

    being a South Indian even I didn't know the band leaf thenique 😂😭

  2. Griffin Jenkins says

    Most people watching probably won't remember that Hannah was a pioneer of the internet cooking show.

  3. Mariah B says

    "Let's get to grinding"
    🔥 my girl crush has entered the chat.

  4. Dee dee A. says

    Love this show so much!!! Looove it!!!

  5. Ariana Harrison says

    The yellow pepper that she had I can't pronounce or spell that
    But where I'm from(Jamaica ) it's called yellow pepper

  6. Lj Devanadera says


  7. David Supan says

    I just love Hannah, whichever video I see her in. She's so full of joy, pure fun and satire. I feel like she'd be an awesome person to grab a coffee (or a few beers) with.

  8. Chapa Dissanayake says

    It’s so cute when white people are amused by items like that stone grinder which we use on a day today basis.

  9. Jaden Neko says

    Am getting mixed signals here. It states that it's origin is in Mexico but then she uses a bird native to north America. Furthermore thr eat she packed it doesn't make sense to me. Don't get me wrong as I'm more acquainted with my own south American tribe but there are some details in here that should have a disclaimer in this video. Looking at this in an entertaining way this is hilarious!!!

  10. Sonia Khansa says

    Mom I love her :')

  11. Dr Mlem says

    This reminds me of an Indian dish made with hilsa fish.

  12. Gipsy D says

    8:34 Did she just high five herself? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Jorge Machuca says

    I Lover her ❤️ and I like how she make this show.

  14. Astronautic says

    Hoaray its Harty-time

  15. BroGamer says

    Those look like corundas.

  16. Stuck Limbo says

    You are a trippa, very entertaining 😀

  17. joy rose says

    Am i the only one who noticed how pale the front cam is? Hannah looks almost the same colour as her hair😂😂😂😂💔💔💔💔

  18. Abshid Al Farsi says

    7:52 – ah the mating call of the Tamales.

  19. Surrogated says

    feel bad for Hannah having to contractually force her charm and even worse, her smile. you can see it in her eyes "with this ill pay my bills, with this i'll pay my bills….just remember the script and read the cards…sigh….with this i'll pay my bills…"

  20. Lwazi Molepo says

    Your puns are on point
    Take a bow 👏👏👏👏👏

  21. Spencer O'Dowd says

    Now you know where the phrase "the daily grind" came from.

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