I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Burrito • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

I Tried To Re-Create This Giant Burrito • Eating Your Feed • Tasty
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  1. Hayley Roses. says

    I'm literally the only one who doesn't like rice

  2. Elly Mearly says

    He's just doing his best while talking like he owns this show. Awesome

  3. jae• says

    Tornado omelette rice

    New omelette challenge for Andrew!

  4. rainbow sparkles says

    Me few secs in: i think i have a crush on aria
    Aria: i dont cook rice
    Me, an asian: oh ok nvm

  5. QueenMaxine says

    Aria has this chaotic energy in the kitchen but it’s not the creative kind it’s the distracting and uncomfortable kind😭😭🤣

  6. wee snurtl says

    aria is lowkey inexperience but its not even a bad thing

  7. Jarin says


  8. Jarin says

    Aria I love you

  9. Jarin says

    Adult Asian man saying he’s never made me, an Asian, feel offended…

  10. Nena Manoloudi says

    Is rie pregnant? 😅😁🤗 at 7:568:00 Is that a little bump? 😁😇😇

  11. QueenMaxine says

    Rie: Tasty Producer, Chef, Wonderful

  12. Saawan Senni says

    I liked Niki and Andrew better

  13. Kyle Warner says

    So wait. The entire premise of this episode is to take a guy with very rudimentary cooking skills, and have him make a gimmick dish? And, deny him the one piece of equipment that makes the dish possible? Like seriously, this is not an otherwise difficult burrito to build. Rice, meat, beans, lettuce, cheese etc. Bog standard. The ONLY thing that makes this burrito stand out is that it's 4 feet long. The only way you can make said 4 foot long burrito is to griddle it on an industrial flat top. So….. No flat top, no "anaconda burrito". Right? I'm not missing anything am I?

    I mean, don't get me wrong, an amateur cook learning how to make a burrito from scratch would be a good thing to watch. But this is just idiotic.

  14. Astrophel Kai says

    Such a different vibe. Not a fan. Js..

  15. Bhavya Madhu says

    This was funny🤣

  16. Roxy Modesto says

    Hated the soundtrack. And I’m a saxophonist.

  17. Muskaan Arora says

    Of course there's a vegetarian section because he secretly wants merel to eat this

  18. Hazel Mae Tan says


  19. christopher says

    where is nikki??? please never do another eating your feed without her again!!!

  20. Alvin Moses says

    Never. Let. Aria. In. The. Kitchen. Again.

  21. Deep G says

    At the moment after this video I quite like Aria but I think they where a bit cold towards him, he seemed a bit nervous and fairly so. I think he did a pretty good job for his first video. I look forward for seeing Andrew and Aria in a video!!

  22. 12Izzylol says

    Hey! This is from my hometown 💕💕 go fresno!

  23. Alia Simandjoentak says

    I see Aria I click

  24. Chloe Chng says

    i haven’t watched the vid yet but did merle appear ?

  25. Ishi &Mishi says

    i was here to see if merle was here .lol

  26. Thank CBA says

    Hes so eNeRgEtIc

  27. Momo Chan says

    Most fail video from Tasty

  28. Vinny Tran says

    Surprised Merle isn’t here…interesting

  29. Zander Ong says

    Aria: cooking is calming to him
    Also Aria: eats chocolates when stressed

  30. shubham mittal says

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  31. DosZanahorias says

    As bad as this was I’m craving a burrito now lmfao

  32. James Kaimi says

    This guy sucks LOL

  33. srdominguezsr says

    Yay Fresno!!!

  34. Ryan Newman says

    Omg i miss Andrew so bad

  35. Maria1ILY says

    My Mexican self is cringing at the ingredients and technique 😂 It’s much more simpler than that lol 😂 he tried though lol!

  36. Rozna Duwadi says

    “vegetarian side”

  37. Sergio Cuauhtle says

    I can’t stand that guy tbh

  38. Fabfari Fairy says

    This Anaconda is Hit by a train for sure ….🐍🐍🐍

  39. Sonata Warrior says

    this made me feel uncomftrable

  40. Jelly Penguin says

    2:44 Mans a genius. Why I did not think of that? Because I have been too stressed.

  41. Rosalinda Castillo says

    I love all the aria content that we're getting lately, he did an amazing job and I want him back for another episode 👌👌

  42. Cheetuh says

    I’m sorry but he’s terrible at cooking 😭 I love his spirit tho

  43. kk bb says

    We want andrew and nikki!

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