I Tried To Re-Create This Orange Made Of Meat • Eating Your Feed • Tasty

I Tried To Re-Create This Orange Made Of Meat • Eating Your Feed • Tasty
Shane from BuzzFeed Unsolved challenges Andrew to make meat fruit! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: https://bzfd.it/shoptastyyoutube Subscribe to Tasty: …

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  1. Superhuskygamer YT says

    Misson: impress rie
    Feedback : passed
    Nice one Andrew

  2. Maria DeRoche says

    Andrew is my second favorite at Tasty only because Rie is the first

  3. -Elizabeth-/ says

    Eating your f e e t

  4. Grach Salimbacod says

    y'all broke aria

  5. Anthoney lopez says


  6. Micah Knutson says

    Way to completely try to copy (and fail) the BA formula. Add some Binging with Babish and now you have the unoriginal Tasty Bois. Stick to the hands only-easy to make motivating videos for beginner cooks.

  7. Royal é says

    i never knew…. i NEVER knew i wanted shane and andrew in a video (i mean they already been to other videos together but still)

  8. joacquin oceña says

    Isn't a shallot just a red onion?

  9. Rifat Hossain says

    Rie is pregnant? I think so

  10. Ed Barrood says

    the liver needed more cooking

  11. mg weni says

    When he put the livers in processor, I feel like … 😶 Doubting everything.

  12. CrackHeadUnicorn says

    I'd be a great host if yall started a show called "Eating your Feelings."

  13. Todd Yendell says

    Wheres adam

  14. BrittzNWC says

    Here for Andrew staying for Shane

  15. Courtnie Rantala says

    There can’t be any other reason for them to have put that tree in the background, other than so it could match up perfectly with the buffering circle.

  16. BrooklynVlogs says

    @18:02 Dragon Balls?

  17. Ms. Luna says

    Reminds me of Binging with Babish

  18. PugLordTR says

    I thought it was a cake

  19. Kayla O' Riley says

    “Creamy chicken paté” actually reminds me of cat food lol

  20. PiercedBitxh Aila says

    This looks like the grossest shit ever…. I’m so triggered by the texture that I dont even have to eat it…

  21. th3s1gns says

    definitely liver spread made fancy

  22. dhruv ahlawat says

    Can't top Claire from BA. You guys just using recipes.

  23. Jason Eyre says

    I love his personality, seem like a guy you'd like to know haha

  24. *screams* CHOGIWA says

    honestly… idk why… but I ship andrew and shane in this video

  25. mxercvry says

    Andrew, just Andrew.

  26. Emma Crouch says

    I looked it up. A shallot is a type of onion! Andrew was right!

  27. R3dM3g says

    Never been so annoyed by jump cuts

  28. Rachel Moore says

    11:10 Wtf was that 😂😂😂

  29. Mask Meridian says

    Rie losing her shit when Aria losing his mind over the "ppppppate!" I dieddd 😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Stephen Codekas says

    does…does he not know the word, "ribbon"? It's important to me that he knows that word

  31. Heaven Joseph says

    "You think you're flopping one way and it globbes the other"~Andrew 2019

  32. TheMagicKnightress says

    I may be crazy but… is Rie pregnant?

  33. Shambly says

    I get to be the guy in the comment that says curing salt have sodium nitrate (as well as just table salt) and is used to preserve the meat and keep it pink. If you are just going to eat it right away you might as well just go with the salt you like.

  34. sameeksha mahajan says

    Omg i love shane and aria!!! This episode was golddddd

  35. Rose uwu says

    "So I swapped lines..

    ..to hide my *s h a m e*"
    Lol that would totally be me cause I be anxious 😂

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