I Tried To Recreate A Billie Eilish Outfit On A Budget

I Tried To Recreate A Billie Eilish Outfit On A Budget
With just two hours and a $150 budget, can Emily convincingly recreate this Billie Eilish selfie from 2017? Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: …

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  1. Heidi Hernandez says

    That would literally never happen in a thrift store finding an entire outfit first try tho, and completely in your size 😂 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Kelsey Williams says

    Anyone else think she looks like Gabbie Hanna?

  3. Jess Cuz says

    All I could think of when she blew that whistle was, did she clean it first tho??

  4. Haley McGrady says

    What kind of thrift shop is that? I could find this for probably less

  5. billieyelash says

    You look so much like gabbie hanna

  6. psycho bi_ch says

    She did pretty good

  7. OlympiaBinewski says

    Whoa, you put yr mouth on that whistle 🤢

  8. Darla Mendez says

    Oh wow, I love Emily, she's got such great energy. I hope to see more videos with her!

  9. OceanSprinkles says

    everyone: BuzzFeed needs to stop supporting fast fashion when they clothing videos!
    BuzzFeed: makes a video with thrifted clothing
    everyone: i hate this video

  10. Jenna says

    Can this please be a series

  11. Jacqueline .C says

    I like the way this was edited. You could get a feel for her humour and personality in it

  12. Shanna Brown says

    That thrift store straight ripped you off.

  13. Barbara Arnaut says

    So basically the only thing you need to get mainstream trendy thrift shop clothes is to be skinny

  14. Rachel Frumkin says

    Dude! Who is this Emily? She is great. More of her please.

  15. Blu says

    That whistle was dirty girl…take that out of your mouth 😂

  16. Haweo Glassco says

    doesn't she kinda look like Gabbie Hanna

  17. Cole Crystal says

    Billie has such horrible, boring taste. Why bother?

  18. Eli G says

    I like her a lot she is so entertaining to watch I wish she made more videos

  19. Zoe knight says

    Billie doesn’t even buy high end stuff. She just gets it from THRIFT STORES or it’s given to her.

  20. Sarah Scarberry says

    I love this woman! Why haven't I seen her in more vides

  21. MEHAK BATRA says

    This video is edited SO well♥️♥️♥️

  22. Satxn says

    whos gonna tell her she didnt have THAT much money back then

  23. ppjskh says

    Crossroads is expensive! No thanks, I'll stick to Goodwill and Salvation Army when I thrift.

  24. U V says

    Thought it was Gabbie Hanna in the thumbnail

  25. Fallacious Jinx says

    Please make this a series… Thrifting is so much fun – I barely own new clothes anymore…

  26. Savannah Barbosa says

    They could’ve tried a little bit harder for the side by side picture😂

  27. Baljot Mann says

    she looks like gabbie hanna if she had a smaller nose

  28. Salma S says

    I mean…close enough

  29. Am2 says

    She reminds me of Gabbie. Skinnier, less dramatic.

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