I Tried Unicorn Glitter Eyelash Extensions

I Tried Unicorn Glitter Eyelash Extensions
“I wanna look like a Lisa Frank brown Barbie doll!” Special thanks to: Joanna Keller: http://www.instagram.com/joannakellerbeautique + Kelsey San: …

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  1. MakeupByMeghan says

    shouldn’t the lash tech know that this is sooo unsafe? especially the fact that she made them herself, like no shade but GIRL 😩

  2. Just Me says

    I hope that's cosmetic glitter at least…

  3. lady gray says


  4. Cara Peters says

    JoJo I SHoOk

  5. Floral Polar Bear says

    I mean this just looks like a normal winter in normal. Be grateful for when you eyelashes are NOT frozen lol

  6. Yareth Lopez says

    They look so cute 👌🦄🌈

  7. PrincessAmiya says

    What if the glitter falls in your eyes…. like if u would not get them and comment ❤️❤️ if u would get them

  8. Yuko14 says

    as an Asian with almost nonexistent eyelashes, I would love to do this but it's prolly super expensive as most cosmetics are

  9. Dida says

    Why is no one talking about the fact that one of the girls was surprised by the fact they were extensions?

  10. llammacorn 24 says

    OooooOoOooooO sPaRklY

  11. Melissa Hanson says

    Honestly… They look terrible…

  12. Melissa Hanson says

    Next video: My experience going blind from trendy glitter lash extensions

  13. Peppa Pig says

    The glitter chunks look like eyelash lice

  14. Zhane Richardson says

    This is an infection waiting to happen

  15. Profile pic says it all says

    Please unless yall are putting butterflies on your eyelashes like Effy Trinket from Hunger Games then I'm not impressed

  16. jessicita76 says

    This is so horrible for your eyes! Don’t do it!

  17. Queen of The world says

    Honey no

  18. نونه العنزة says

    You yes you you cute

  19. Rhianna Kelly says

    Omg!!! Awesome 🦄

  20. Kiwigrill says

    this was just a tad disappointing. i was expecting brighter colors, but it is understandable why they aren’t.

  21. Zygo Matic says

    ..so she just breathes all over the wet glue on your eyes? 🤢

  22. Fake Bro Hug says


    Finally a BF video in my area.

  23. Anna says

    honestly since boldly this account has gone down hill, every video is stupid and unreasonable. everyone in the comments talks about it too.

  24. Rose Naser says

    What exactly was the point of this?

  25. Geo says

    I want these 😮

  26. Moa Pellegrini says

    Okaj but the separation with these tho

  27. T Burke says

    What a waste of money.

  28. Kenzie says

    Subscribe to my channel. I’m an upcoming YouTuber. All the help would be appreciated

  29. HappyG says

    I saw these in a different video and was WAITING for this one!

  30. PotatoPatato says

    Looks awesome up close, but from afar it looks like she has pink, puffy eyes.

  31. First last says

    Imagine getting black and a little white with white gems, and a little white glitter, then doing a black smokey eyes and have it look like the night sky

  32. s2me89 says

    Didn't you do something similar two weeks ago with the English sisters trying some weird trends on lashes. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

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