I Tried Victoria's Secret's (Un)dress Code Lingerie

I Tried Victoria's Secret's (Un)dress Code Lingerie
Oh my god! Look at your boobs!” Read more here: http://bzfd.it/2dpvLQW Check out more awesome videos at BuzzFeedYellow! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedvideo …

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  1. kaelani & sophia says

    she thinks her boobs look nice. but they are the saggiest ones i’ve ever seen

  2. Someone Special says


  3. KrioThea says

    whyd they have to do her like that with the thumbnail

  4. oreoemsa says

    I'm so freaking jealous of those flat girls, I literally can't even look at them without thinking "oh, she has smaller boobs than me too, great. 😑" I am sooo getting a reduction. xD

  5. crypticarus says

    i see more people noe complaining about those complaining about body shamers haha

    full cicle

  6. Jen N says

    Underwear as outerwear is NOT a lie. Nina just didn't feel like it was her thing, or work appropriate. What a sour way to end the video.

  7. Hello ! says

    0:14 this one actually looked great and I was excited to see them try it and then they tried anything but that 🙁

  8. Victoria R says

    No offense do she has children never seen someone so young with boobs that way oh u guys are going fuss me out sorry



  10. Tommy Gone says

    Thank you so much!I want to buy those things now!!

  11. Lance Zhong says

    She's chest is so big i love it

  12. Lance Zhong says

    I😍nina mohan

  13. sbarnett37tiger Barnes says

    No reactions from guys shown because every one of them just fell to the floor immediately and started drooling. lol

  14. Just Me Some Random Girl says

    I wanna work for buzzfeed

  15. CzG Lad says

    Think, you could almost hide your head under them 😉

  16. ulvenNixie says

    I like the skirt. I agree that it'd be cute with a dress.

  17. oatmeal says

    How low can they go

  18. nirmenattya says

    what is nina’s Chanel ?

  19. Lisa Zhou says

    OMG.. I shouldve seen this sooner. m 20 nw nd have had big boobs sice i was 15. was so ashamed but she jus showed me tt its ok

  20. a girl hiding in her room says

    Ok are her boobs saggy or what???

  21. lil dirt cocaine says


  22. sakshi gupta says

    Thats huge

  23. Sathyapriya Subbiah says

    You look soo gorgeous in a collar dress or a turtle neck

  24. alissa rivera says

    I'm not trynna say anything bad but nina how do u keep them uppp

  25. Emszter Karácson says

    I think this "lingerie line" is for womens with small boobs.

  26. yara hamed says

    I like Nina's black dress

  27. Terry says

    more videos with her pls!

  28. Impractical Sewing says

    I love the bustier. I think it'd look nice because I have smaller boobs. I wear bralettes by themselves as is, but none of mine have underwires or anything.

  29. ishtar0077 says

    It's her breast.

  30. guess who says

    to every one freaking out about how her books sag, mind your own business, they're her boobs, not yours, so get over it.

  31. oreoemsa says

    Busty squad, where you at? 🙋🏼‍♀️

  32. Pretty Randomness says

    Kristen’s desk is already done with life

  33. Terry says

    i rlly wanted to see the red one on her😩

  34. Andi Dreams says

    I think the skirt would look good with shorts or a shorter opaque skirt underneath, or maybe with a body suit. And obviously it's not meant for work, they probably meant it for walking around town or going to bars. Most workplaces would write you up as soon as they saw you in walking around the office in something like that.

  35. Sarah Presley says


  36. madhurima says

    Is the woman on the left at 1:42 Yesica!?

  37. unknown says

    Damn they saggy

  38. Elana Jimenez says

    Who is waching in 2018

  39. Manjot Kaur says

    Nina are you Indian

  40. dave ethridge says

    You're beautiful Nina. Wear whatever you want.

  41. Ro says

    Allow me to say this, her breasts are different. Am I glad that she is comfortable with herself? Of course! Do I personally like the way they look, not really. They kind of scare me. But to each their own.

  42. Chloe Min says

    The last one was cute but I'd wear it with a shirt underneath and tuck it under a denim skirt

  43. Tony Watler says

    She horny 😝😝

  44. blyn says

    I say yesss were it if you want
    Society just wants to shush women’s sexuality sometimes

  45. Lauren The Lady says

    The lace skirt would be cute if you put it over another skirt to make it look lace

  46. carley shaffer says

    I’m a girl but I’ve never seen such low breasts. Is it genetics?? It’s just odd to me. I’m an A cup.

  47. Avianiae says

    I love slip dresses

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