I Was An Addict, But I’m Not…

I Was An Addict, But I’m Not…
But I’m not weak.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow Learn more about mental health week …

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  1. Meghan Moore says

    My heart😍🤗

  2. Devin Greenway says

    I struggle with my addiction for a while the worst part is I'm not even out of school

  3. Pearly Swirly says

    The woman with the afro with the blonde tips is GORGEOUS

  4. Je Yu says

    I’m addicted to pulling out my own hair and I feel like a freak, I have a bald spot on the back of my head, does none else do this or am I alone?

  5. Iris says

    I'm am starting an addiction to not eat and look on Thinspo. I want to lose at least 20 lbs. When i'm starving i feel so good, it's like i have security and control over my body, being 80-90 lbs would be perfect

  6. el1zabeth says

    I am addicted to
    2pac 💪🏾
    and My phone📱

  7. Steven Lobe says

    "Was" an addict…..once an addict, always an addict. Period.

  8. Nick Gurr says

    I'm addicted to listening to Michael Jackson

  9. Trevor Sinlao says

    Every single person alive needs to watch this.

  10. Allison Bryant says

    i may be addicted to not eating……

  11. Akshata Kar says

    I was hoping their end line would be 'I was an addict, but I am not anymore'

  12. nina bubblygum says

    "my worst day sober was better than my best day drinking" love.

  13. Kim Dahyun #193 says

    Im Addicted To……

    BangTwice SevenFriend ExoVelvet GotPink & Anime & Kpop

  14. AlleyIsNotFamous says

    I was a purge addict but i haven't purged for 1 year and six days.

  15. Thool Hora says

    Addiction is a weekness.
    And i was addicted to smoking for 2 years at most.

  16. Haley Burnett says

    My dad was an Addict. In result I lost him June 28th 2012, the night of my graduation from grade 7 going into Highschool.
    He was my rock, I kept by his side and made sure he was okay, I was the only one in our family to stay in contact with him throughout all of his Rehab attempts, He completed rehab twice but was in and out of them a lot more than that.
    He loved myself and my family more than life and I'm not angry or hurt that he chose to do drugs, and that he knew if he did Heroine he wouldn't make it, but that was his choice, its been 5 long years, I just turned 18 a week ago, and it was the hardest birthday I've had to face. My last birthday with him was when I was 13, becoming a teenager, now that I'm almost done my teenage years it breaks my heart to know my dad wasn't only missing out on the little things when the times come he will be missing out on some of the most important days of my life. I know he will be with me in spirit, but I just wanted to say weather you're 3 days, 3 months or 3 years clean, you are trying, you are strong, you can overcome anything you put your mind to, I struggle every single day to just stay alive, but by the end of the day I know I'm here for a reason and if I cut my own life short, it wouldn't have meant anything, all I am is upset over things I cannot control and although I seek help sometimes it doesn't feel like its enough but then you get the feeling that you know you're young and life takes time , I hope anyone who reads this knows you're worth more than you know, you are loved, you are incredible. As good ol' Joe Dirt says, "Life a garden, Dig it" God Bless to anyone who stumbles across this❤️

  17. Shelby Day says

    I was an addict but I'm not ashamed I am proud that I am stronger. I was a self harm addict but I am 1 year 3 months and 1 day clean and things do get better.

  18. icon for hire x flyleaf says

    "I am the best type of quitter"

  19. Grim Reaper says

    Now I wanna know what was their addiction

  20. ew says

    I kinda wanna see a video titled "I'm racist but I'm not…" Just to see what they say

  21. KamillenTee x says

    Of course they're not weak… Who would ever say that. They freaking fought their desease. That demands lot of strength.

  22. Inspired Fandoms says

    I love theses videos with all my heart. ❤️

  23. Sarah Anderson says

    Im an addict. Ive been on pills for 4 years and i od'd a couple of nights. This made me cry so hard because i feel weak and powerless cause of my addiction cause ive tried to quit so many times and just hearing former addicts say that makes me relieze that i do have power to change my situation cause i dont wanna wake up in the hospital again with tubes running out of my arms and hooked up to an EKG cause i almost died..

  24. Al alba vincero vincero says

    None "was" am addict. People ARE addicts in recovering.

  25. ishanxo says

    I am vegetarian but i eat meat

  26. travis oliver says

    I was a drug addict for over 2 years…

    Today marks my 5. JK im not even 17.

  27. Amber Partridge says

    I'm a weirdo for wanting this video but can you do what it's like to have sensory processing disorder. I suffer from it and it would really make my day.

  28. The American Crusader says

    I was an addict to masturbating but I'm not a pig.

  29. CJ Terry says

    I am not an addict but I have to congratulate everyone who has overcome an addiction. It is not an easy thing to do and you are the real inspiration for the world.

  30. Mara Laigaie says

    I'm an addict. I am slightly over 3 months clean. I had almost 2 years clean. I'm now 18. I fell quickly into full blown heroin addiction at just age 14. 3 overdoses, 2 heart attacks, and 1 coma later, here I am. Clean, healthy, and stronger than ever. When I had 2 years, I was still living with the attitude of an addict. Here I am with 3 months, and cleaner than ever. Physically, Mentally and Emotionally. Addiction is no joke, but I would not change my past for anything in the world.
    "One is too many and a thousand is never enough."

  31. Hallie Stein says

    I think that had addiction are the strongest kind of people because they've overcome something that was overcoming them.

  32. Sunniva Hansen says

    i know this is real bad, but have you ever watched "that 70 show"? there moving the camra exsactly like thy did there while they where smokin drugs.. i had ti bring it up. sorry.

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