I was in a COMA but I heard EVERYTHING ! A TRUE story animation

I was in a COMA but I heard EVERYTHING ! A TRUE story animation
Azzyland – I was in a COMA but I heard EVERYTHING ! A TRUE story animation ‍ ‍ SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 ✨ SOCIAL …

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  1. Adrienne Millena says

    That mom is so selfish

  2. cristian martinez says

    You don't want to have a tree house because you saw a girl fall from a tree house😀😀😂😂🤣🤣😃😃😄😄😅😅😆😆

  3. penny williams says

    Pass the phone to make a pop pop pop the photo of the outside table

  4. Nayli Nur Syifaa Nasrullah says

    my is good like in the video my dad is so so good to and i have 2 hamsters

  5. Q'miah Campbell says

    She a gold ddiger

  6. Chasity Havens says

    But is the happy now because she not here no more 😭

  7. Sarah Armstrong says

    I cried through all of it

  8. Stephanie Desjardins says

    She a gold digger

  9. Jacob.hannah veibel says

    Sooo she uses a machine to talk but how would she have made that video?

  10. Stephanie Desjardins says

    This rude mom dosint deserve too live in a house she deserve's too be homeless

  11. Joanne Symmonds says

    Not the dog

  12. alex santiago says

    The mom should not marry her dad her mom was soo rude and noisy and wheres snowball? I'm worry about snowball…..

  13. Galaxy Boy 280 says

    The mom is a GOLD DIGGER

  14. Stephanie Desjardins says

    Omg stop talking in the mitel of the video

  15. Boyll Kiddos says

    & the mom is mean for sure

  16. Boyll Kiddos says

    i saw this in person

  17. Alexis _Roblox says

    This is how many years that mom should be in a coma

  18. Julia Rothman says


  19. kaitlen Romero says

    Iif a like for snow ball to come back

  20. Shanay Morgan says

    I swear how many ads👿in between the video

  21. Sevan Kiork says

    How can she eat

  22. Lovely Lara says

    Wait up did she wake up?

  23. Prakhar Games says

    Who’s better like kwebblekop comment azzyland

  24. Eli de Haan says

    I fell out of a tree and I didn’t even go to hospital

  25. MIA says

    I don’t like the mom she is sooooo mean and doesn’t care about eneyone but her

  26. Weird kid Potato’s says

    The device is real somebody in my school has one

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