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  1. Roxxsaurus says

    What do you guys think of today’s fake designer buys? I’m quite pleased with what I purchased although it was so difficult to bargain with the sellers in London! I think I’m getting more confident at bargaining though so that’s a bonus 😂👏🏼

  2. Afsana Begum says

    Ohhhh I live in Camden but it's upsetting how I didn't see you 😭 mkae sure you come next time ❤️

  3. Google User says

    Love the pink bag; suits you best.

  4. Google User says

    "why you don't want the one that says CG?"
    "Because it says CG and not GG."

    "You can't have everything for £15."
    . . . [2 minutes later] — sells it to her for £15.

  5. Mary Scammell says

    I love going to Camden market

  6. Aarati Yonjan says

    How many times did she say fake😂

  7. eh? says

    1:33 Versace darling

  8. maddie Rickhuss says

    Hey Rox!
    There is this new app called Vova where they have loads of fake designer stuff really cheap! Please do a haul video of it and review!!! Xxx

  9. I'm coming there wowwwwww

  10. Would love to go there

  11. Leonora Rozenbaha says

    Can someone please let me know where in London this market is ?



  13. Beyza Yilmaz says

    Your edits are coool

  14. Aina Marie says

    1:28 its versace

  15. beckii_jx says

    Your so funny 🤣🤣 bringing up the threads 🧵

  16. Mia Corish says

    They are asking for £40 and ur asking for £15 they have to make money ya know u cant always get wot u want.

  17. Chloe Lou says

    Me and my friend got two phone cases for £5 when they were supposed to be £6 each, so when her mum asked the man how much it was, she pretended that the man said £5 for both and he just had to agree 😂

  18. Rachel Schekall says

    Love these videos

  19. Army Yeon says

    I'm sorry but what's the song at the beginning?

  20. Chanice Obrien says

    Go to bury new road in Manchester !!!!

  21. Alex Beliebs says

    1:31 vercase

  22. Georgie Kaye says

    me trying to make myself feel special = *800th*comment

  23. Jana Deni says

    like i literally can’t stand your face and voice and everything but idk why i still watch you 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  24. Emily Hughes says

    You shouldn’t spend any money on Camden. These guys are disgusting and are in a lot of trouble with the police. I used to date on of the guys in the stalls u went to, and they are not legally allowed to be selling this. They are drug dealers, and in the flats above the stalls they deal and stash their cash and drugs, hence why the shops only accept cash. Just wanted let you know.

  25. Andrea Brodahl says

    Where in london is that?

  26. its_shades room says

    I was there like yesterday and Camden is amazing

  27. Lexi Olivia says

    She is wearing the face shirt that’s LDshadowlady was made to wear by joel

  28. IE Community says

    Can relate,
    I live in london too.
    These people think we're dumb

  29. Sasho says

    I’m not being mean but I don’t think insulting the clothes is necessary? Ok bargain w them but why do u think they would want to sell it to u after insulting it ?

  30. Renee says

    The belt is Versace😇

  31. Amber Houlihan says

    I absolutely loved this video because London is my favourite place in the world 💕💕

  32. Jake Cleetus says

    i subbed to you cause ur funneh

  33. sue winky says

    "No you kill me😂😂😂"

  34. Alisha Shaikh says

    Versace was the belt brand

  35. Kayra Oz says

    When he said darling 😊

  36. GoodVids 123 says

    The belt is Versace

  37. Ani Alas3d says

    شاوي وماني شاوي 😂

  38. sonia ortiz says

    Music/editing = 🔥

  39. Ic Beu says

    You talk too much..

  40. Confirmations says

    You're so rude to these people. If you were smiling and being nice you'd probably of got things for a decent price. Being blunt and stuck up gets u nowhere babe

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