I Went To The Bridal Salon From Say Yes To The Dress

I Went To The Bridal Salon From “Say Yes To The Dress”
All I could do was turn in circles and curse.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos!

 I Went To The #Bridal #Salon #From Say Yes To The #Dress
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  1. fallingawayfromthenorm says

    I don't know if it's just my computer or my browser, but the closed captions for this video are not remotely what this video is about.

  2. Allison Gatcha says

    if I went there and didn't see randy or lori I would be so sad

  3. Bah9 says

    She looked stunning in all of them!

  4. Tails The fox says

    I love it when you say “my boobs ended up vacationing under my chin.”Love You!💐

  5. Notorious Niyah says

    was monte there??

  6. BigFry_07 _ says

    Omg I clicked on this video and thought shes getting married again? Then I saw it was from 3 years ago…

  7. Aziely Jelly says

    Ohh yeah

  8. Anaa Fatima Salman Sarmast says

    I love watching say yes to the dress

  9. Cheyenne Ruff says
  10. Lydia Radiwon says

    I've seen this video at least 15 times but i never realized that THE FIRST DRESS LOOKS JUST LIKE MINE :O Except mine has sleeve-ish pieces that are over-the shoulder. I love it ///^.^///

  11. Ammarah Khalid says

    hhahahahahahahahhahahah my boobs ended up vacationing under my chin

  12. Kathryn Douglas says

    Ok this is me. This is 110% me.

  13. Kim Estrada says

    I love this video 😍😭 i am a huge fan of Say yes to the dress, randy and every say yes spinoff.. the gown you loved looked gorgeous!!

  14. Blabarsbarn Dollface says

    My boobs take a vacation under my shin- best comment ever🤣 I have the same problem too.

  15. WhoaaItsMaddie says

    You are beautiful

  16. Bethan Lisles says

    The captions don't match the sound.

  17. Grace Chen says

    I LOVE WATCHING “Say Yes to the Dress”!!!

  18. Honora says

    Every comment here is 2 years old lol

  19. Claire Beumer says

    What are the captions? Just put them on and you will see…

  20. Caitlyn Ford says

    This was in my suggested on YouTube and I laughed so hard. Bc the only 2 things I’ve been watching on YouTube lately are say yes to the dress clips and ladylike😂😂😂🙃

  21. A Mowry says

    If your getting married where is that ring? Love you guys keep making those awesome vids

  22. Elizabeth C W says


  23. Sierra Lee says

    the captions are wack

  24. Gigi Hide says

    “Your body is the ultimate hanger.”

  25. xeferial says

    That last line is so accurate. When they brought out the dress I ended up picking for my wedding, I hated it on the hanger. Once I put it on, it was a whole different story!

  26. Baddie says

    Turn on the caption 😂

  27. Easter Morgan says

    Girl, I would have gone with you. I'll probably never a wedding, but dress shopping is fun.

  28. Jennifer Hollingsworth says

    My favorite was dress #2 but totally understand the boob thing, I thought you were gorgeous in each, though. And btw, super jealous of your amazing hair! Best wedding wishes!💜

  29. izzy. wizzy says

    Love the last dress

  30. Laura Hdz. Mnrl. says

    I know this is old, but I'm still overthinking about… WHERE WAS RANDY IN THAT PRECISE DAY?!

  31. Gabriela Price says

    I love Im telling you LOVE say yes to the dress

  32. melodys corner says


  33. Peachy Aesthetics says

    I was just watching say “yes to the dress” and I’m obsessed with it. You look so amazing in these dresses!!

  34. bootiful girl says

    I watch "say yes to the dress" it's the best show

  35. Isobel Willi says

    You look gorgeous in all of the dresses

  36. SnowWhite21 says

    None of the dresses looked good. Kristin need a dress that matches her style.

  37. Claudia Penna says

    Does anyone know who designed the dress that was in the shop window at the start? The one with black details on it? Thanks!

  38. Rylee Breeze says

    Randy is my big sisters friends cousin

  39. videofan77 -Louise says

    Does anyone notice that the English subtitles are different from what Kristen is actually saying? 😛

  40. Angel Bulldog says

    Nobody can make a woman (of any age or size) look like a slutty, trashy, street-walking pole dancer quite like Pnina!

    Oops…did I say that out loud?? 😀

  41. Dana Kleinjan says

    the closed captions don't match up with the audio. something about risk management? maybe it's just me?

  42. Анастасия Хомяк says

    idk why all of their dresses are owful

  43. Ella FS says

    I love the 2 dress! 👍👍👍👍👍👍

  44. Jersey Myq says

    I'm watching this in 2018 with the closed captioning on, and I have a question. The captions have nothing to do with what this video is about. I can hear just fine, but it makes me wonder how many non-hearing people watched this video and were just confused the whole time.

  45. Lorena Somocurcio says

    Love your confidence and how in love are for your body great example to follow

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