I Wore A Haunted Outfit For A Week

I Wore A Haunted Outfit For A Week
“One of the shirt’s spirits could latch onto you and destroy your whole entire life.” Subscribe to As/Is: https://bzfd.it/2QaN0dR About As/Is: Subscribe for daily …

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  1. Aalia Z says

    11.59 that are me and my bff when a cute guy is infront of us. Get your glassess ready

  2. Arpita Kar says

    He looks like Justin Hartley

  3. sophie keegan says

    Spent like 20 minutes looking through the comments for someone else to notice Lindsay EYES there amazing wowowoowow

  4. Marie Dmnq says

    I think love will come when you don't expect it and it'll just be freaky that you're wearing the scarf or smthng

  5. Phi Summers says

    I bet that psychic mentioned the honeymoon because she saw her wearing a ring on her ring finger and ran with it Lmao

  6. Zoya says

    I don't like the girl in the glittery black star shirt.
    Idk what she's doing but it's annoying. She's trying too hard to a fit in the video but just sticks out like a sore thumb

  7. hobidihobidoo says

    this is cute.

  8. Rosalinda Sasmita says

    6:33 is probably the same reason why I'm still single

  9. Nicholas Toi says

    Thanks Lindsay for introducing a store that I will never step foot inside because of Leisa!

  10. Robyn Miller says

    I enjoyed this video a lot more than I thought I would. If my grandma came through and was choosing a style, she'd go right for red lipstick.

  11. Michelle Browne says

    This really demonstrates how psychics do their cold readings. Reasonable guesses, unintentionally fishing for information, and following the leads. Stay safe out there, and stay skeptical.

  12. Krystal Paige says

    Although I’ve read the comment but when Joyce said: “I’ll be over here, Jesus” I’m still:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Nareen says

    Woah this turned into something hella uplifting!

  14. Aasifah Khalifa says

    I feel like it might be a friendship kind of love that Lindsey is going to find

  15. Indiestripper says

    "they fit perfectly" cuts to shoes that dont fit her

  16. Tanaja Sanford says

    Awww love this

  17. felisha209 says

    Who is bearded guy at 10:42

  18. Courtney Rohrbach says

    The scariest thing about this is wearing the same outfit for an entire week

  19. Serena Kazmi says

    I loved this

  20. Brandi Bigelow says

    Did you forget the wallet with your last look?

  21. Nikki Pande says

    The dude in the light brown beanie is mad cute

  22. ghostCake says

    No one:
    Literally nobody:
    Her grandma: on GOD bro we’re gonna get you some D

  23. Jawaher Banico says

    OMG! Lindsey I am you!!! 😭😂

  24. Milena Freire says

    I love her style❤

  25. Zoë Stephens says

    I love how every guy they see is her "husband" 😂❤️👀👀

  26. Hana Yazmeen says

    ay where she got that hope world hoodie at 5:14 from???

  27. Kid Neon says

    Hold up. Was that a Hope World sweater from J-hope's album?!??

  28. S K says

    This girl is wearing heals a full size and a half too big cause some woman pretended it’s what the ghosts want?

  29. Linda evangelista says

    Linds can literally pull off anything 😍

  30. poliboy ccc says

    why can't I have friends like Lindsey

  31. Diode Fire says

    I'm gonna cry if Lindsay does end up going out with the guy who told her the jacket gave Oprah vibes. They look cute together 😅

  32. Monica Colin-Santana says

    Jazz is me tho! She is shook the house!!

  33. Madison Shafer says

    Things that made me laugh
    "We all need a bottom" -Jazz
    "Oh, I'll stay over here Jesus" -Joyce
    "Or if I just love Harry Styles too much" -Lindsay
    "Do you think I'll find love this week?… Uh no" -Lindsay
    "Let's see who my potential suitors are" -Lindsay
    "There are men here!" -Lindsay
    If any of these made you laugh… you know what to do… turn that thumb blue baby!

  34. Makeup & Sarcasm says

    Not the haunted i was hoping for and I just find myself sad she didn't pick the murder shoes

  35. Missy Nicole says

    Okay but this video would have been a lot better if Lindsey just took a hint? Like the guy she “won” and possibly the bartender who gave her free drinks. Instead of taking Jaz to brunch she should have brought that other guy and maybe talked to the bartender? It could have been a success!

  36. Hannah Fuqua says

    I think the outfit was cute tbh

  37. Ana Banana says

    so that's where my scarf went

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