I Wore Crazy-Big Hoop Earrings For A Day

I Wore Crazy-Big Hoop Earrings For A Day
Selorm tries to wear the biggest pair of hoops she can find. Hoop earrings available at Elsie Margie Jewelry Boutique http://www.shopelsiemargie.com As/Is …

Source As/Is
  1. PukiFee Neemo says

    Hoola hoop earrings 😂😂😂😂 lol! Wow…. so pretty though !

  2. Amyrie’s World says

    Girl u could’ve got dem from the beauty supply store 😂

  3. gladiator legs says

    Hoop earrings are a staple of slavery…yet blacks embrace them like it’s cool. Make up your minds with the slavery mentality!

  4. Cheshire Cat says

    The bigger the hoop the bigger the heart omg he's so nice

  5. Be Creative says

    with this you or any girl can look so awesome

  6. Clean Videos says

    im pretty sure billie eilish wore those one time

  7. That0neWhlteKid says

    …has someone ever pulled on your hoop earrings and rip them out?

  8. SheLovesKwon*!! ** says


  9. hehekermit says

    Black and Latina women: I’m a south Asian girl, can I wear hoop earrings? I’m not sure whether it will be cultural appropriation; but I feel like south Asians have the concept of hoop earrings ingrained in their culture too. The first pair of earrings I got from my family were little gold hoops. The girls in my family have been wearing them for decades. But I’m still not sure lol. Would it look weird if I wore bc I’m not Latina or black.
    (I’m not looking for hate, so if my comment pisses you off, kindly go away) ❤️❤️

  10. Mercedes Slays says

    The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe🤧😽

  11. Ariana Ruff says

    The bigger the hoop the bigger the hoe


  12. Chantel Wimmer says

    When someone asks how extra I am

  13. moniquelauren99 says

    I'm so glad I found this on accident, this was hilarious lolol

  14. ProfitableLifestyles says

    I love girls with hoop earrings. So sexy.

  15. Cleo Mullings says

    I really want to fix her eyeliner

  16. Gacha Daydreamer says


  17. Liah Booker says

    If you don't want them ship them my way

  18. Xxxitsfern09xxX Dxoz says

    Da bigger da hoop da bigger the hoe

  19. Itsme 533 says

    What size hoops are those?

  20. Alex Prachnhavong says

    1:53 LMAOOO I CANT😂🤣 the edit and scream tho.

  21. Saiyed Akbar Husain says

    Amazing sister

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