I Wore My Biggest Shopping Regret • Kirsten

I Wore My Biggest Shopping Regret • Kirsten
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  1. SwankyRaptor says

    It's a decent dress…. I don't see the problem

  2. Emma Klimsa says

    "everybody wants kirsten"

  3. Selin says

    Does she still work at Buzzfeed?

  4. Haley Hutchinson says

    That dress is so pretty a high neck is very beautiful. I feel like she’s not over dressed I would wear that to high school it’s really not that fancy

  5. Gerrika Alcorn says

    I really liked the dress, it really doesn't look as bad 🤷

  6. OrientAHl says

    ehm. what. Its a simple dress…

  7. Simone Regina says

    It's a great date dress!!!

  8. Efto Kolasi says

    It makes me think of a modern day, Admiral Holdo meets Lara Croft (If you can picture it). You could dress it up with the right accessories for a fancy occasion, or grunge it up with an edgy jacket and dark accents, maybe some smokey eyes. Either way, the color looks good on your skin, the cut compliments your body shape, and it's a stylish dress overall. You looked gorgeous.

  9. Betzy Gonzalez says

    It's not a bad dress or at least for me. I actually a beautiful dress.

    😄😄😄You loke cute in it too😄😄😄

  10. Naeming Naems says

    Confused bet this girl and that girl lindsay

  11. lou bear says

    It's creased and a bit big for you but other than that it's a fine dress

  12. Sydney H says

    I’d wear it. It’s cute. My hips would make that slit so high.

  13. Paola says

    Her eyebrows bother me so much that was the only thing I looked at

  14. Wally West says

    What's her name?

  15. KTGetc says

    She looks like Gillian Anderson in that

  16. Its Meghan's world says

    I like it 😂😂

  17. n o says

    i feel like she's being over dramatic. guess she is running out of video ideas

  18. erika heng says

    I like it. It looks like casual but sophisticates. also this video is so dramatic

  19. Piccol Picari 2.0 says

    I honestly want that dress so bad like how do you not like it

  20. pretty pop says

    Omfg iron your dress

  21. Karen Serna says

    I like the dress style. If the flap opens too much for your liking you can probably sew a tiny bit at the start of the slit when you wear it. Before you sew anything, you could probably try a brooch or a safety pin hiding to see how you like it that way. Dryer sheets rubbed on the inside of the dress can reduce static, too. If you do like it attached, you can probably do like a low key button style sewn in down the flap to the slit tip. If not, you could probably restyle it into a shirt or give it to someone who really really liked it and would use it. It's important you like what you wear, if you don't like being in it don't wear it 🙂

  22. Catriona Haines says

    I really like that dress

  23. Emilie Feivelson says

    I think she looks really good in that dress

  24. e cesar says

    didn't Sara from buzzfeed did this same thing a year before??? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHZeUxaoe84

  25. Lucy Unicorn says

    Those eyebrows are goals

  26. Jacinta Anthony says

    I loved it!

  27. Lily Hanson says

    I love your hair that way❤️❤️❤️

  28. Ki2elegance LLC says

    I have a dress like this lol

  29. P R little B says

    I would wear a belt around the waist.

  30. Kathy Johnson says

    if you don't like the slit, pin or sew it closed part way down, or wear black tights. Get some anti-static spray too. Or, if you really don't like it, cut it off and wear it tucked in a a lovely top. Your clothes are yours…do what you want to them to make them your own.

  31. MsClarinut says

    Well, it's an older style dress, and sort of suede/velvet material, so likely meant to be worn with tights. Would totally solve the slit awkwardness.

  32. holly pocket says

    Every video has to have some meaningful lesson at the end even though it’s not serious at all lol.

  33. briannacelestina says

    dress is so normal… so overdramaticccc

  34. Elf Bird says

    My worst thing in my closet is worse than that it's a dress that makes you look like you just came from the book Little House on the Prairie

  35. MzTweety2u says

    To dress it down keep jacket put on black (small)fishnets or tights with chunky heeled booties

  36. Vanesa M says

    She looks great a d the dress is great. It just needs ironing. And confidence it would be super high fashion

  37. Monique Sinha says

    the dress looks good and def work appropriate, no one would think its weird. she's a bit over dramatic. if you don't like your dress, get rid of it.

  38. love spike says

    It would have looked cute with a belt, and some stilettos. It’s a cute dress, just need to style it right

  39. Derya I says

    What are you talking about !! Dress looks cool. Colour really fits you. Dress is very minimal.

  40. Lizzy Leeb says

    I love that dress!

  41. Funni~Burnz says

    It looks more natural then she thinks. It looks good. A bit staticky but that's it.

  42. S R says

    It looks like a grey version of the dress Sharon stone wore in basic instinct

  43. Shay Posey says

    I like it

  44. Violette Graziadei says

    I like the dress

  45. Chuck Mastin says

    Sexy dress. Some panty hose would dress it up more. But that GD word is just wrong. ✌🏼

  46. Marios says

    its not that bad

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