I Wore Only Designer Clothes For A Week

I Wore Only Designer Clothes For A Week
Time to live life as a bougie b**ch! Jewelry by UnCommon James, Luv AJ, Jennifer Zeuner, Elizabeth Stone Jewelry, and Lulu Dharma. Shoes by Charles David, …

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  1. Carolina Medeiros says

    The clothing wasn’t well styled

  2. Yen Bui says

    high end cloths/brands are kind of overrated … I mean the price is sometimes really eligible bc of the fabric, however more often it is basically just because of the brand and marketing so tbh idk…

  3. nataseht says

    I could throw on a better styled outfit for $5

  4. Tack Tack says

    I love the new boyfriend!!

  5. IamDMP says

    And people ask why fast fashion has been so successful

  6. walter edgar says

    Hey this is why they make fake designer clothes 😉

  7. Irish 106 says

    Gabi demartino has entered the chat

  8. indra kusuma wijaya says

    She reminds me of sophie turner somehow

  9. Br andon says

    “This is the outfit you need to go ask for a raise in”

  10. Daniela Achury says

    Her accent makes the clothes even more expensive 😏

  11. Daniela Achury says

    Girl, If i could have the luxury of wearing those kind of clothes. I would be out all day. 😍

  12. negima50001 says

    Spoil the skinny white to blonde girl. How predictable.

  13. Wilhelmina Sinclair says

    The stylist did a terrible job.

  14. ehla 01 says

    I think the stylist made a mistake giving you pieces were not your style. They should have considered that you prefer more casual than formal clothing.

  15. kekapandaOuo says

    I want to know how often people notice designer clothing, like how would you know

  16. Sophie Kuhn says

    Wow such relatable content 🙄

  17. Arifah says

    the fact that making this video is part of her job is amazing

  18. Yeah Right says

    Some of these pieces were cute but the stylist did you WRONG sis….

  19. mary hershelman says

    One outfit is equivalent to an average yearly salary…would love to be on the receiving end of those hand me downs though.

  20. CR Yocum says

    Maybe it was you getting into it, or the comfort of the looks, but you were rocking days three and four! Also, day five, DAMN GIRL your body! 😍

  21. Rebecca Jessica Jones says

    Moan Moan Moan. Give the “challenge” to someone else

  22. Kim M says

    the last outfit you had on 😍😍😍

  23. Wico90 says

    Long ad for the RealReal

  24. Kayla Ball says

    Bought a used kate spade from the real real. Was 60 dollars. Then I went to the store and got a new one for 49. Also got a yall for 200 was dirty and cheap. Dont reccomend

  25. m k says

    Say no to fast fashion

  26. Meitha Al Dhaheri says

    My sister has the same Stella McCartney jumpsuit but pants

  27. Deepashree Nayak says

    I don't think the stylist chose the correct outfits based on her lifestyle/work. Looked like she chose designer for the sake of being designer

  28. L. M. says

    How much was insurance for this segment?

  29. 西施小狗Ling Ling says


  30. Jessica McFarland says

    All of these outfits except the Alaia coat from #1 and the Herve Jumpsuit from #2 were very dated looking – wearing old designer still looks like old designer if not restyled in a more fashionable way.

  31. Eleanor Ghrist says

    Hold up is that the girl form avengers!?

  32. Andy says

    Looks like my cousin everyday-clothes tbh… 😂😭

  33. ella says

    Omg the ohhh counter is annoying

  34. Lily Hagen says

    Is a thrift store the equivalent of an op shop?

  35. tayietu g says

    none of the pieces went together whatsoever

  36. Rachel Forshee says

    I'd be more curious how they wear over time. Like are they well-made? Do they hold up over time? Can you let them out/take them in easily? How about changing a zipper?

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