Ice Cream Bread

Ice Cream Bread
Recipe!! Yield: About 16 Dip Cups For Dip: 1 pint (2 cups) Melted Ice Cream (You can use any ice cream! Low-fat & dairy-free ice cream do not work as well) 1 …

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  1. Starkill3r 306 says

    Step 6: Bake for 3540 minutes

  2. Foodie Secret says

    So yummy

  3. Additional Pylons says

    This is exactly why Heart Disease, Obesity and Diabetes is so rampant in America jfc.

  4. Venessa Talbert says

    Wow! Making a bunch of these and freezing them for quick and easy desserts for my fam. Tfs💜

  5. Rahul Dubey says

    Me: eats ice-cream

  6. Jessie’s Baby Gay says

    Why this music? 😂

  7. Shir BM says

    But… why?

  8. myungja han says

    Oh ho yes!

  9. stop it *t h o t* says

    I only have All-Purpose flour and no yeast or baking powder

  10. NAS Guden says

    Im making this right now

  11. Blue Star says

    so easy wth

  12. Rebecca Fair says

    More like a cake

  13. emily h. says

    Nah this is just trashy cake

  14. steven shaw says

    Garlic bread

  15. Callum Lehingrat says

    Isn't this literally cake????

  16. Huge Music Lover says

    Since when are chocolate chips optional?

  17. Jhope’s SPRITE says

    Uh Timmy Timato made that several years ago

  18. Asma Azmi says

    Thing is …does it taste goof?

  19. Reagan Bastian says

    What if you don't have self rising flour

  20. Jakecraft Channel says

    The beginning music sounded like food net

  21. SwiftVideoable says

    Davehax called he wants his idea back
    (He made it differently but you get the idea)

  22. İlahe Abbasova says

    music a my talking tom?

  23. Ellie :D says

    Finally something in tasty that I can make XD

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