Ice Cream Mooncakes

Ice Cream Mooncakes
Orange or mango sherbet (for the moon part in the middle) Vanilla ice cream (for the moon part in the middle) Strawberry ice cream Coffee ice cream 1 cup of …

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  2. spiderdude2099 says

    Me: knows what a moon cake actually is

    "Look how they massacred my boy"

  3. Paolo Pasaol says

    Me: Are you sure you know what moon cake is?
    Tasty: OHOHOHO YES

  4. Amazing 1 says

    I love moon cakes but that sure as bell isn’t one. I get them all the time from an Asian bakery.

  5. kürsat bora says

    Bu kanalı izleyince eski sevgilim aklıma geldi kafam karıncalanıyor karışık durum…(

  6. Ren Shirasawa says

    This is not moon cake. This is just an ordinary small sized ice-cream cake

  7. Melinda Goh says

    Can you make an actual mooncake like I mean this was nice and all but a real mooncake would have been less misleading

  8. l y d i a says

    not a mooncake

  9. xjustchillx says

    I think it's moon cake not mooncakes

  10. Ken Fleming says

    If you’re gonna make mooncakes, please let people who actually know what they are make them

  11. Ken Fleming says


  12. Trash Can Of Doom says

    Ok, being Vietnamese I have gone to Vietnam, seen ice cream moon cakes and let me just say. They don't look like that.

  13. philote says

    Look guys, everyone who’s seen an actual moon cake knows this isn’t one. But that’s no excuse to say mean things about Tasty. Yes, it may be Americanised, it may be a bit fake, but it doesn’t really hurt anyone.

    I’m Chinese myself, and it is a bit offensive to me that Tasty would call this a mooncake. To those who don’t know, mooncakes are usually circle or square shaped with fillings like lotus paste, red bean or matcha, sometimes with an egg yolk in the centre. There are snow skin mooncakes which have a glutinous rice shell and some type of frozen filling, but they are still nothing like this. Just watch the video if you like it, don’t watch if you don’t, but there’s no need to be rude.

    Cheers! 🙂

  14. kiwi - uwu says

    Go search up how a REAL ice cream mooncake looks

  15. Cherry HeartArt says


  16. Yeebba _ says

    I like this idea 😀 Despite the fact that it is not the traditional mooncake, it still tastes good!

  17. Isabella Ha says

    This is not a mooncake
    This is an ice cream in the shape of a cup covered in chocolate …

  18. Luz Marina Bermudez says

    Muchas cosas han sido los que no me gusta

  19. Aayush Varma says

    That was the quickest Tasty video I've ever seen.

  20. make per 18 ways

  21. Emily Ng says

    Mooncake has been in chinese culture for a long time and yes ice cream mooncake has been trending but for this thing to be called an ice cream mooncake is a huge insult to our culture!! If ur going to make something like this might as well title this "Fake Americanized Ice Cream Mooncakes for White People" If your going to make other cultured food and call it what that culture calls it, you better have done your research!! What you just made is not tasty, it's nauseous….

  22. Tsucchiee says

    101% sure thats not what a mooncake is

  23. Chén-Xī Tián says

    I am Chinese and I am ok to call it a mooncake.

  24. Paulina says

    Next should be Mooncake Cupcakes

  25. super_sad says

    Becky no.

  26. ozy vanessa says

    I saw mooncake and I instantly thought of Wendy wu homecoming queen

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