If Gamer Girls Acted Like Gamer Guys

If Gamer Girls Acted Like Gamer Guys
I’m so sick and tired of these fake gamer guys.” Like BuzzFeedVideo on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/18yCF0b A Very Special Thanks To: Game Dude …

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  1. Laurentiu25 NINJA says

    Why bus fed wants to know your location

  2. iiCookiezz says

    we cant get mad, because this is accurate

  3. Darth Jahus says

    Do you thing this helps with stereotypes? It just adds to the idea that gamers are misogynist assholes.

    Oh, right. That's BuzzFeed. What else should we expect from that garbage?

  4. Gacha Peaches says

    Are we going to pretend this isn’t sexist?

  5. Feliss Zerjin says

    wow I genuinely liked their behavior, can I have one?

  6. This makes buzzfeed videos look good.
    Yes I know this is technically buzzfeed's channel but the content is way more annoying.

  7. Nicole Flood says

    Don’t they have a show together on YouTube?

  8. I am toby says

    Ok then

  9. ethecatlady says

    Theres no gamer girl and no gamer guy

    Theres only one gender: the gamer

  10. Joshb 45 says

    Awesome video bro! I am trying to learn how to make cool videos like this. Woudl luv any suggestions you have 👍👍👍

  11. Little Carla says


  12. iMarley says

    Wow very funny and relatable video with lots of facts and evidence and very relatable to us women. Like I said very FUNNY and RELATABLE
    sarcastic laugh

  13. kidminja44 says

    When they jumped on hearing a dudes voice I died lol reminded me of times I used to play cod, when dudes would jump at any girl they heard play.

  14. aerin Jenkins says

    Add me on xb1:MizFluffyDucky

  15. Sir Someone The someone says

    This is idiotic as heck, full of stereotype and you act like men are hollow lifeless species of alien
    All so, men don't act like that at all you idiot

  16. Whodis says

    Extremely stereotypical. Unless they are 12 year old squeakers, almost all gamer guys I’ve encountered have treated me with respect and as an equal 😛

  17. BaronessStrange says

    I'm a woman, I game online and mainly with men, I have never been treated like this by any male gamer ever! Overall I find the gaming community very welcoming and diverse. If someone gives you a snarky comment just talk back at them instead of making a passive aggressive overgeneralizing video.

  18. Kirill Berezin says

    BuzzFeed is SO BIASED. #GamerGate
    "If Gamer Girls Acted Like Gamer Douches" NOT GUYS, DOUCES YOU FUCKHEADS.

  19. Not in Gb says

    Girls do love their Sims

  20. William Whitehead says


  21. axfurY says

    I need to do this with my friend 😂😂 no hateeeee.

  22. Jennifer Bates says

    Love these! Miss them

  23. Funtime Will Ryan says

    Ha how funny. Cuz all men say things like that to women.

  24. Andrew Kim says

    It's embarrassing when your channel is so against stereotyping but your videos are all about stereotyping. This really shows how out of touch BuzzFeed is. Gamers like this aren't common.

  25. Heefnoff says

    This is actually the best thing

  26. Sol Metivier says

    If you aren't trash talking your friend while playing minecraft what are you even doing…

  27. Br Ra says

    i thought this was legit then i saw Buzzfeed…

  28. number one dad says

    "love dicks"
    "never seen one"

  29. SpauG says

    I treat all ppl equally, except small children, screw those thumb suckers

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