If Lingerie Ads Were Honest

If Lingerie Ads Were Honest
You’ll never be comfortable in this.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Parfuma Rose Licensed via …

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  1. Tres Marias says

    Its a buzfeed video look at the left top

  2. popstarprincess123 says

    God forbid you be honest and sell confident it's underwear

  3. Awesomeness4U says

    The only attractive girl in this video is Julia Misaki

  4. JoesGuy says

    Typical Buzzfeed. Let's ruin everything. NEW FLASH – We bloody know all this. You aren't telling us anything we don't already know.

  5. Dayana Bautista says


  6. Col. Sunshine says

    I hate buzz feed. cracked honest commercials are better.

  7. Nina Carruthers says

    At 23:00 you can kind of see her nipples

  8. Kaley Harris says

    Lingerie actually makes me feel more confident in myself.

  9. Ana Saavedra says

    I'd kinda wanted to go buy one right now

  10. Met3lAngel says

    The comment about the period, so true.

  11. Honk Honk says

    Sorry, I was too busy jerking off to the objects on the screen.

  12. Slurp says

    0:50 oh god the "Sexual Objectification" JUST BECAUSE I FIND SOMEONE SEXY doesnt mean i dont accept the fact they are human beings! Jesus Christ…

  13. Aborted Fetus says

    why are only woman sexually objectified what about shirtless guys in every movie or ad ever lol

  14. Cheyenne Britton says

    "You can see their nipples"

    …did you think this was an ad for ice cream?

  15. James Bangerter says

    Feeling awkward to admit this, but the black woman's freckles made me gasp with wonder. So beautiful.

    My bachelorette party was just me and my best friend lingerie shopping. At one point, I put on a bra and it was TANGENTIAL TO MY BREASTS. It literally covered each nipple and then nothing else touched my breasts. I was so distressed. She walked in and laughed so hard. We have opposite problems with lingerie – she's big-boobed and I was an AA. I did manage to find some things that looked good, but the entire escapade could have been much more discouraging if I didn't have her there with me.

  16. Jane Doe says

    0.04 who did her makeup. Why is she ashy looking. KMT

  17. 캐세키씨발 says

    The black women looks androgynous

  18. Nabbcat says


  19. Reuben Taylor says

    At 0:220:25 you can see nipple… 😅

  20. BetterLifeAhead says

    Straight from Cracked, huh?

  21. Natalie's World says

    0:37 the underwear was ripped omg

  22. Swathy Sethumadhavan says

    As a professional editor, IMHO feel this video would have a looked a lot better with a warm filter.

  23. Kyary Jayn says

    This is itchy af


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