If Men Got Insulted Like Women

If Men Got Insulted Like Women
You should smile more. You’d be so much cuter.” Check out more awesome BuzzFeedYellow videos! http://bit.ly/YTbuzzfeedyellow MUSIC Mardi Gras Shaker …

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  1. KingCalv 10 says

    I'd totally rather be in the garage than the kitchen lol

  2. Omniscience says

    Only boys would be insulted by these things. A man on the other hand would take each of these with a smile.

  3. raptorgod77 says

    if? shouldnt it be when?

  4. You're aren't says

    Us PEOPLE! Don't put everyone in this mindset saying "us men." Or "us women." Let's just be PEOPLE. God damn dood.

  5. Meredith Richardson says

    Oooooo…that last one. 👌

  6. ric barrera says

    Some of these are downright insults either way. Some may actually be complimentary to guys. I speculate that, in part, it depends on whether you feel in power relative to the one giving the "insult".

  7. 7265 says

    The smile thing happened to me, a guy, twice in one weekend in two different countries (Berlin and Cambridge).

  8. CoolSheep Vlogs says

    These are based on stereotypes, it pisses me off

  9. PopoXReturnz says

    They left out the most important part- how the men would REACT to the so-called insults.

  10. Angelina Brunko says

    Really this is absolutely horrible like This disgusting

  11. Mr Sandman says

    A few things wrong with this. This is pretty unrealstic, and this also really does happen to men

  12. The Marvel Guy says

    I am calling Thanos.

  13. I’m so QUirky says

    Wow fighting sexism with sexism. Good job,buzzfeed👏🏻

  14. JustARandomUser2001 says

    Ah nothing like leftists fighting sexism with even more sexism 😀

  15. Flipping Awesome says

    When you think about it…all wars were started by men

  16. Sierra Rae says

    0:48 this woman deserves a medal !!!! 🥇🏆🎖🏅🍻

  17. Hunter Lawson says

    This is some good advice

  18. legalman07 says

    They don’t realize this stuff actually happens

  19. GunSling97 says

    We need more buzzfeed cringe to make fun of

  20. James Souza says


  21. Anonymous Person says

    Imagine if a guy said "Grow up, stop crying" to a woman. It wouldn't be taken lightly but when a man is told that no-one bats an eye.

  22. Emma Lynch says

    This is why there are gender problems this video is just making it worse

  23. Raid says


  24. Carla Petcu says

    I feel like these tipe of insults are gender neutral


    I don't like smiling. 😐

  26. BlackMetal Berry says

    "smile more"

    Then I give the biggest frown

  27. Swan Ronson says

    Ugh, I hate when women are all “you’re so dreamy” “you’re so much smarter than most guys” “take your shirt off”

  28. Black Knight Fool says

    All insults are by default towards man unless gender as you were not even allowed to swear in front of a woman 50 years ago. And my girlfriend says just leave it I'll do it all the time when it comes to anything regarding decorating the house

  29. Kyra Brown says

    I hate when people tell me I should smile more….i do smile but only when I should or find something funny to me it's weird to be smiling for no reason. 😞🤔

  30. *Gasp says

    Being offended is a choice.
    I appear to have attracted BuzzFeed hippies. My plan is working.

  31. This Man says

    These are the ones whining for rights?

  32. Zoe Moonlight says

    1. guys do get insulted like this 2. sometimes guys dont even notice if its an insult 3. we have had worse critism than this 4 year old stuff 5. Why do people think all these are insults cmon you should smile more isnt that more of them saying i think your smiles pretty cmon ppl get with the program

  33. Laura Reid says

    men do get discriminated against as much as women just in different ways but they are both bad

  34. Noelly Diaz says

    "If" what do they mean by "if" boys get insulted by girls and this is from me a girl

  35. Liliana Morales says

    woman exaggerate things tho….. and being a girl in middle school I should know…

  36. CypressWC says

    This is actually true not even a joke, this happens

  37. Beverly B says

    Honestly,I hate it when people tell me to smile more ,like if I wanna smile ima fricken smile my pants off

  38. JD Muñoz says

    people of youtube, I need your likes to be the most liked comment in this stupid video.

    for some reaason there´s no one with more than 15 likes, LOL

  39. Fecca Blanca says

    Most of these aren’t even very offensive or at least make sense

  40. No yes says

    I feel like what the women are saying in this video are what men tell women in real life

  41. Vagabond says

    2018 mangina awards goes to all those cucks who decided to be a part of this stupid video

  42. Madeleine Kaiser says

    I don’t even have to scroll down- I can sense all the time triggered antis from a mile away.

  43. Silly Avacado says

    😂😂😂 when tables are turned. Ha!

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