I'm Allergic To Water ! – A TRUE Story Animation (Share My Story)

I'm Allergic To Water ! – A TRUE Story Animation (Share My Story)
I’m Allergic To Water – A TRUE Story Animation by Share My Story Subscribe to join the Azzyland Family ! SOCIAL MEDIA •Instagram: …

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  1. lion lord84 says

    So basically you cant be alibe because your 70% water

  2. Jigniish Vids says

    2nd of January boys

  3. Zaina Alzankawi says

    Azzy i love your videos

  4. Hidzir Abdul says


  5. jhenny reyes says


    also I stole this idea I admit it

  6. Izzy Frizzy says

    You need to watch allergic to touch or my sister is a demon these are cool too:))

  7. Alexander Hutton says

    Do more true story animation

  8. Summerwolf Gacha says

    A fancy way of saying water allergy

  9. Irene Ady says

    It’s like she’s a cat lol

  10. vidio game adick says

    You are a lier azzy land you are not allergic to water

  11. paulia campbell says

    I've watched this before

  12. most hated kieria says

    Bruh I'm dead azzy said So he rich 😂😂

  13. Elsined Reci says

    Azzy write at search water ballon slow motion and click the first one that you see

    ITS AMAIZING!!!!!!1

  14. Agatha Babiera says

    Agin she cry but she is allergic to water!!!

  15. Agatha Babiera says

    Why she cry? She is allergic to water

  16. Møøn Lïght Wølf says

    2020: l am allergic to water

    2030: l am allergic to kids

  17. Year Five says

    Sweat 😓 is water so she should be having a rash

  18. Shannon Cantik says

    why did she crie if elegi ego to water

  19. Aden Pirkle says

    Who possess the thoughts to put a thumbs down
    And nice out tro azzy

  20. Samara Rose Cuelo says

    This story was 90% her life story and 10% the real story about her allergy

  21. Louise Randall says

    If she has sweat down here head shouldn’t she have a rash??🤔🤔

  22. Cooke haira says

    How dose it feel

  23. Sky Bunny says

    Azzy I Love That U Care For Other People, And Not Only For Yourself. 😇

  24. Ellis T. says

    I guess Pablo should go to jail for 56 thousand years from when I saw it. Sucks for him

  25. KittyKatGacha says

    All your videos are amazing and I think that you are one of the best you tubers out there but don’t get noticed as much because people don’t realise how truly remarkable you are

  26. Daniel Alvarez says

    What if most cures are in ones own mind the way they see reality is the the way they perceive life.. gene make up at its core but blessing come in different forms

  27. Angel Dyer says


  28. Linda Znutiņa says

    Plz do more animated storys

  29. Mango_ Mochi says

    I’m crying azzy I have to ask u something if you see this please respond

  30. FBI says

    This story is animated in 2019
    2019:I’m allergic to water
    3420:I’m allergic to the planet 🌎

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