I’m Christian, But I’m Not

I’m Christian, But I’m Not
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  1. keira rushing says

    listening to christian music and going to church doesnt make you christian…

  2. Cosigner22 says

    This is NOT Biblical Christianity! This is conforming to the sin of the world. Turn from death in your self-righteousness and to eternal life Yeshua Hamashiach, our Savior Jesus the Christ!

  3. Sofia Faith says

    in 2015 I didnt even know this existed wow 💕

  4. Manguy331 says

    I'm Christian, but have no idea what that means.

  5. sm2000 me says

    "I'm a Cristian but…. HAHAHAH THAT'S A LIE"

  6. Jigna Odedra says

    I grew up around Christians and they are very similar to the Christians in the video.

  7. Marvin Guigar says

    A lot of you on here are mocking God and you think it's funny and you're laughing right now but when Judgment Day comes and God is judging you you won't be laughing guaranteed.

  8. Marvin Guigar says

    A lot of people create their own God that accepts their lifestyle like being gay lesbian homosexual lifestyle that is a abomination against God a lot of you people on here don't agree with the Bible because it interferes with your lifestyle look that is God's word rather you say it is in or not so that means you create your own God that accepts your lifestyle that is wrong when you become a Christian you have obey God's law that's why a lot of you people do not like the Bible I talk to a lot of gay lesbians and that's why they don't like the Bible because it interferes with their lifestyle.

  9. Joshua Valencia says

    Not in educated..??

  10. N power___ says

    Your profession that Jesus Christ is Lord means nothing . Even the demons do that .

  11. Burak ERDİNÇ says

    I m a müslim but I respect other religions WE ARE NOT TERRORIST PLEASE READ THE Qur-an once

  12. Marc Garcia says

    “I’m Christian but I believe in a Christ that submits to my will”

  13. Emil Kiełczyński says

    "I'm Christian but I don't give a damn about the teachings of Jesus" – every modern "Christian"

  14. J R says

    Matthew 7:13-14, “Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.”

  15. Joseph Lisowski says

    Umm most of what buzzfeed says is actuly going ahead what cathloics beleve

  16. Erdbär Bambusbjörn says

    If u think u r oppressed as a christian person, go to germany being observant jewish.

  17. Infinity Galaxy 501 says

    Are these people Christians

    Well yes but actually no

  18. BTF_Jaytee says

    Christianity is about acceptance??
    The Bible clearly says “Whosoever makes friends with the world makes themselves emity with God” James 4:4
    Plus if Jesus wasn’t accepted what makes us any different?

  19. Dark Matter says

    Im Christian and I dont know what is wrong with the comment section or video.

  20. D A says

    These people are definately NOT Christian. They are clueless and misinformed. They are also rude for trying to make Christians look bad.

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