Indians Try Baseball For The First Time

Indians Try Baseball For The First Time
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  1. Spork says

    0:27 That's what she said.

  2. Jyotishman Barman says

    I am Indian, I live in India and I love baseball. I watch MLB, my support goes to Red Sox and I really love it when they play with Tampa Rays or the Yankees. I also play the MLB based game, RBI baseball 19 on my android.

  3. Peyton Tanner says

    "Indians try hitting a baseball for the first time"


    Lauda lasssson

  5. Anti Hypocrite says

    I want that guy who said it was easy to go against an actual good pitcher

  6. Cisium says

    For first-timers they all did really well. This shows that while the body mechanics of swinging and throwing are different, the basic skill sets in baseball and cricket are similar. And I like they attitude of the tryers – all very positive and easygoing.

  7. Todd Smith says

    Lol…..The guy said kinda easy. Imagine hitting a ball coming 80 to 75 miles per hour.

  8. jc dova says

    This is very funny!! Good job. You were getting better as the video went on.

  9. I Agree With You says

    0:47 😂

  10. I am a Alien from Andromeda says

    we use baseball bat ,

    for Tag fight

  11. Ap Gupta says

    Hindi me bol lo

  12. Eagle gamer says

    I know full baseball

  13. Rajesh Himirika says

    Saale desi speaks English😵😵

  14. JDEW says

    the pitcher is trash and is so slow no wonder they hit it

  15. Meenakshi says

    Doraemon is the reason why I know baseball😁

  16. g ad says

    If you get hit In cricket nothing happens

  17. Chris Brady says

    I hate Indians yuck

  18. Nitesh Rawat says

    Long and curly hair boy …playing cricket for 8 years ….felt pathetic looking at him how he his holding the bat

  19. rajat sharma says

    Yeaaaaaaa I love Eminem!!!!!!

  20. sreeniuvasan Ramamoorthy says

    They are insults

  21. Porkans says

    They were throwing that ball like a little league pitcher

  22. shiro shiro says

    1:21 feel like a construction worker 😂😂😂

  23. Black pink says

    first I think that baseball bat is a weapon to fight

  24. manzoor ali says

    Already 26 state play baseball in india….

  25. Bryan Chandler says

    That's awesome

  26. i NotChaos says

    Little did they know they got thrown a 20mph ball

  27. Android Play X says

    I play baseball more than Cricket in video games it's kinda fun to play. I dunno why it's not in india. I hope that this game is really going to be fun when it's come in india.

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