Insane LIQUID NITROGEN Experiments Which Will BLOW YOUR MIND

Insane LIQUID NITROGEN Experiments Which Will BLOW YOUR MIND
Insane LIQUID NITROGEN Experiments Which Will BLOW YOUR MIND School of Life Youtube Originals Episode: …

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  1. Laura Young says

    Hi Azzy I love all your videos please don't ever stop also could you do a video involving buying something from the Gucci store please

  2. Robert Ross says

    How do movies make building fall down and cool stuff like that?The pour liquid nitrogen over them of course!

  3. Itz Gachagirl says

    Me: Azzy did you get a new tan or is it the lighting?

  4. Naeem Khan says

    I like yours every video

  5. Keira_Roblox says

    7:35 plasticine :3


    How old are you??

  7. becca trzecki says

    Is that beast hacks

  8. Rania Khan says

    I once made ice cream with lqiuad nitrogen it was so TASTY or as azzy calls it DELICIOUS

  9. xXHoney-Chan Xx says

    I love freezing my grapes in the freezer(purple one mostly) it taste better to me! LOL

  10. Hollie Mcdone says

    Omg azzy you rocking your look!

  11. MicrowaveOven111 Aka Kaia says

    That chicken…
    My pour vegetarian soul
    It hurts😭😭😭

  12. Rman Nayr says


  13. Rman Nayr says

    IT'S FROZEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Wolfster Gamer says

    What happens if you spray on yourself while we break this stuff is gonna take over the world😶😨😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  15. Loli_Popples says

    Azzy, you look great today!

  16. Monica Armstrong says

    I feel you on the raw meat ewwwwww😖😖😖😷 its so gross 😝

  17. Angelee Pesa says

    Collab with pewdiepie haha

  18. lauren staples says

    I tried this at home

    results: No hands

  19. Riri -w- says

    Woah! Its sooo cool

  20. Rachel Dunn-Smith says

    todoroki: "aM i A jOkE tO yOu?"

  21. Xxcoco gachaxX says

    “one big happy Family not so happy anymore”
    How did she just explained my family

  22. Jess Negus says

    Whoa, is it just me, or is Azzy tanner?

  23. Brookie bear says

    5:48 to 5:49 was so awesome and Azy dont even relize it🤣

  24. Evan Morrison says

    I have a liquid nitrogen marshmallows!

  25. Nattaly Benitez-Galvan says

    I love azzyland videos and I also like gloom videos

  26. Amanda Serrano says

    Azzy, did you get your diamond play button yet??

  27. Angel Gonzalez says

    3:40 LIKE MY D***……………YA,….huummm……..?.

  28. Imani Toomer says

    Will they shatter into a million pieces or will the not THAT is the question

  29. Angel Gonzalez says


  30. Angel Gonzalez says
  31. Dastardous Bastard says

    "I need to know the science behind this" its just boilg because as it absorbs thermal energy from the object to freeze it it becomes a vapor. CNRL F couldnt find it so here it is

  32. Laila Northrop says

    look up
    or wizard of oz
    and click on the glove or the shoes

  33. Susan Rodriguez says

    Hi Aztec I’m Ellie I’m being bullied in school so I come home and turn on the tv and watch Azzy land and I’m happy thank you

  34. Savannah Bingham says

    Do they have Coca Cola slushies in Canada?

  35. honeyymilk says

    is liquid nitrogen the new nair

  36. Rheily Steevo says

    Your talking about madtilda

  37. Kevin Valencia says

    I cant join because I don't have any money I would buy I'm 10😢😢😢😢😢😢

  38. Phanie Sunheart says

    Azzy…did u unlike my comment in the “TRY NOT TO SAY WOW CHALLENGE” ?

  39. Lauren Ward says

    Azzyland is the best! ❤️

  40. avocado smile says

    love you videos

  41. Madilynn Enskat says

    Can this comment get at lease one like
    Like if you see the odd emoji


  42. Theoneandonly {Lil Pickle} says


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