KYLIE LIP KITS GIVEWAY!!! I hope you guys liked this makeup tutorial! I have a chance for one of you guys to win Candy K. Rules below on how to enter!

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. king paul says

    Roxi your so beautiful ❤

  2. Ella says


  3. Sonya Vegas says

    You look like a zombie… I mean no harm in this. It is constructive criticism, maybe if you don't put eyeshadow on your lower lid. At least NOT a darkish shade like that.

  4. Nora French says

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  5. EasyAccessActing says

    Enter Me please xx💕
    Instagram: @libsterflo

  6. Lauren Lee says

    This is such a pretty look, I love it!!

  7. Aivee Reid says

    Im new to your wonderful Channel ☺☺☺ Praying real hard to win the macbook pro giveaway 😚🙏 And I saw your video because its recommended on YT. I was really glad to be able to watch your vlog! ☺ You are cool and generous! Wish ive known you earlier! And your eyes! I must admit Im jealous of you… your pretty and everything while im well not even half of you.. so All i can do is watch over ur channel and appreciate you.. seeing u makes me contented that even though Im not as beautiful as you are.. but at least theres someone out there whose kind and loving as you are.. ☺ and I also wanna win the Macbook Pro giveaway.. I know.. that'll be a 1 in a million chance but please notice me 🙏. But I hope that youll be able to read this comment.. never owned laptop before ☺ and Im also getting back to school atm.. 1 stopped for 4 years due to financial problems.. got kids ( twin baby girls u know.. broken families confusion and stuff) so basically this macbook give away would really help me a lot speacially I just came back to school. Itll help me a lot to achieve my dreams.. and Thank you.. for giving everyone a chance! And If i win I will treasure the giveaway with a of my heart ☺ 😚 🙏🙏🙏 i also want to say im sorry cause im bad with english. Its not my native language. I also want to tell you that from now on I'll be supporting you and watch all your vlogs ☺ Love you! -Aivee

  8. Noa De Kocker says

    ENTER ME! I love your voice, it's perfect for this kinda video's!
    My istagram is noadekocker

  9. paige kaufmann says

    Your hair 😍😍😍😍

  10. Maximum Axiom says

    I think you're beautifull without all that make up! Girls do not waste your time and money on all those chemicals, they only do one thing…………make those coorporations richer.

  11. Olly M. Sobi says

    I'm a new makeup blogger I'd appreciate if you checked my channel out! I love the brown lip color, it's my new favorite thing by the way

  12. Jord Hutton says

    this is seriously my makeup inspiration

  13. Lauren Hawkes says

    Enter me! And your channel is amazing 💗

  14. Stacey bond says

    Her nails 😍😍❤️😭

  15. Niamh Fitzakerley says


  16. Redaa .haj2 says

    Enter me …. love you and love your Channel so much❤❤

  17. Chloe Marshall says

    Enter me

  18. Sandra Kami says

    ENTER ME♡♡♡ sandra_anna13

  19. Seriously Rose says

    enter me! ig: 408.rose

  20. Kübra Baytar says

    Enter me 🙂 ig : kübra baytar

  21. Millie's Magic DIY says

    i don't have twitter😣im not allowed it

  22. Carly Marie says

    ENTER ME ❤️ carlypeterman

  23. Саша Шато says

    what color hair and brand?

  24. Cielo Diaz says

    instagram _cielo_diaz

  25. Cielo Diaz says

    Enter me please I have been waiting for someone to do a giveaway!!!

  26. Olivia German says

    Can you answer my dm roxi?😘

  27. Maria Fabregas says

    Greetings from Colombia!! 🇨🇴 Amo tus videos! I also loved your new house transformation 😍

  28. Hannah Green says

    So pretty xxxxx

  29. Miss Kelly Evans says

    What brush did you use for the blush? 🙃🌺

  30. Mary Krupski says

    i prefered your natural eyebrows because w/ powder its look like a blury effect

  31. Teaghan Waring says

    Enter me

  32. kthnysus says

    who won????

  33. Kristen Chang says

    ENTER ME (kylie lipkit) instagram is @abovewonderstone . Twitter is @ChangeTruth

  34. You Can Call Me Marie says

    U Looks like Gigi Hadid

  35. Kapoios Kapou says

    Enter me . insta:sofia_livadara twitter:S.L

  36. Elena Kocheva says

    wow your eyes look so sultry with those dark brown shades 🎆💕

  37. Shania Payne says

    Fantastic video too 🙂

  38. Maja Wimbush says

    Enter me @maja.wimbush on instagram ♥️

  39. Vivi Perih says

    Enter Me💅🏼- Insta viviperih_x

  40. mia merlin says

    I followed u in insta before 1 month fa the 1 million sub I think so before u were my best ever youtuber I don't know that u have insta then I followed

  41. Niamh Ward says

    Enter me @niamhhward : instagram @niamhhward: twitter

  42. Aangmels says

    marycake makeup please

  43. sofia cerasoni says

    Instagram: sofia_cerasoni
    Twitter: sofiacerasoni

  44. Anja says

    u look so beautiful! love your shirt💙

  45. Fernanda Morones says

    Enter me.
    Twitter @ferliarsss
    Snap ferchis-18

  46. Irina M says

    Enter Me 💞
    twitter: irinmat

  47. isabel Henderson says

    please enter me sorry it's late x

  48. Ashley Fouche says

    Enter meee 💗💗

  49. Μαίρη βμκ says

    nice look😮

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