Instagram Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Instagram Inspired Makeup Tutorial.

Hi guys! Today I’ll be showing you guys an Inspired Instagram makeup look. For me this is not an everyday look but it’s perfect for the day when I want to look …

Instagram Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. Girl your hair color is gorgeous! where can I get a wig like that? 🧁

  2. Jisung Park says

    Your hair is gorgeous!😊

  3. Sampada K.C. says

    How cute 😍😍😍 ily sichen

  4. Aimi Nadia says

    Always girl crush! I did my take on this makeup, check out my channel 🙌🏻🙈

  5. Kpop_is_ Life says

    Why do you look like taeyeon your so pretty I'm jealous

  6. Emilia Jayne says

    Your editing is everythinggg ❤

  7. Alexandra Sobbax says

    Your appearance is so unique, it feels like the makeup won't look as good on another person, you're extremely beautiful!

  8. Rayenne Charles says

    I love how Minimalistic your videos are 😍😍😍😍

  9. Selina Li Beauty says

    It would be great if after the tutorial you showed the whole look from all sides! So then I can see it still and complete and take a screen shot lol!

  10. Ivonne Altamirano says

    Love your videos. You are so beautiful x

  11. Penguin Pilot says


  12. LittleDracula says

    Are you wearing a wig?! If so, link as to where I can buy it?! 😍

  13. Ghezil Castor says

    where do you edit your videos? its so amazing💖

  14. Selena B says

    plz don't listen to those things, i LOVe, LOVE ur filters and editing

    it's so pretty

    if they wanna see the real luck just use brighter colors and try it themselves or check out ur instagram or something

  15. Aimi Saadah says

    omg memories… this is the first vid i watch and quickly subscribe 😍😍 aww i miss this moment

  16. 장혜영 says

    Are you korean?

  17. flamcis says

    thank you for using me as inspiration!! <3 so amazing

  18. Marie T says

    Hello! Could you please tell me where you got your wig?

  19. zainab army says

    you are so pretty anf your video are amazing but i don't now . you must have 1 million subscribes or more …

  20. Harshee Beauty says

    can u make a video on lighting!! I'm trying to start my youtube channel as well and don't know how to get good lighting

  21. danitha98 says

    I love all of your videos. I never try some makeup from youtube, but you explain every detail, so i will like to recreate this one.

    You're so pretty, cute, and your makeup is beautiful. <3

  22. YourrCat says

    You're literally like perfect <3 I love your videos ! ugghhh <3

  23. Josephine x33 says

    where are you fake eyelashes from?

  24. chaya says


  25. Наталья Ельчина says

    I hate the music in the beginning of the video. Irritating. As if the video is jammed. :с

  26. Random Chick says

    WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO FREAKING PERFECT? This is unfair, I call bullshit.

  27. Lau ra says

    Have you ever consider be a model?

  28. Mimi Melissa says

    I've never seen someone as cute and beautiful as you 😍😍😍 I'm being honest.

  29. Kira Kowolik says

    your videos are like mini movies

  30. Corrine Marchese says

    I'd love to know what wig you're wearing! such a gorgeous makeup look xoxo

  31. A says


  32. Za Ra says

    you'r beautiful even whithout makeup amayzing

  33. Josephine x33 says

    Where did you get your wig and what color is that?

  34. Nancy Wang says

    it would be very helpful if you could include the brow step 🙁

  35. amity lee says

    i must say, you really know how to do make up

  36. C Chang says

    Love the intro!!!💕💕💕

  37. Madison Saladino says

    I love the amount of effort you put into editing, your style is unique I love it💖

  38. Jasmin K says

    you look like taeyeon from snsd ~ beautiful ♡

  39. Oh my god, you're so beautiful! >///<

  40. Ozark Chinquapin says

    thirsty wig

  41. Kyle Shane says

    You're so prettyyyyy

  42. Judy Yang says

    I want to see how you do your overall face and eyebrows with your tutorials as well

  43. fluffy sheep says

    Your editing is always just so beautiful!

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