iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!

iPhone 11 Pro vs Original iPhone!
Looking back at the first generation iPhone refreshes the way you see new tech. Next level Throwback Thursday. iPhone 11 Pro Review: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. RayMaster23 L says

    6:06 interesting last photo there LUL

  2. GRUMP says

    I wish they’d produce an iPhone Mini Pro – same size as this but just a little thinner. One good camera, good battery, notification glow via Apple logo on the back. Be my ideal phone.

  3. Sarthak Tamhankar says

    2017 : Lenovo P2
    …and still using it

  4. H Rose says

    First smartphone in 2012: Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Current smartphone in 2019: Google Pixel 3xl

  5. koob1413 says

    my first mobile phone Nokia 5210
    first smartphone HTC 8x Windows Phone.

  6. Vamsi Mohan Krishna Vadrevu says

    2009: Nokia 5230
    2012: Micromax Canvas A100
    2014: Google Nexus 5
    2017: OnePlus 3T (still using typing on this)
    2019: Redmi Note 7 Pro (backup phone)

  7. Joey Carousel says

    Nokia e6

  8. Ckristian Zoli says

    128MB of RAM ?

  9. Zituletz says

    2011 : Samsung Galaxy S1
    2013 : Iphone 5
    2016 – Present : Iphone SE

  10. untouchable360x says

    It’s like comparing the 19 year old vs the 40 year old woman. No competition.

  11. Med Helmi Hlioui says

    first phone was the siemens c45
    first smartphone was the galaxy s2 (good times)
    and current phone is note 9…

  12. ArBoy says

    MKBHD : So I've been using the Original iPhone for a decade now…

  13. Razor Beats says

    2009: Samsung S5230 Star
    2019: OnePlus 7 Pro

  14. Rahul Patel says

    2014 : Lenovo a850
    2019 : vivo v15 pro

  15. Marasa says

    Nokia 7210

  16. Casuality says

    First "Smartphone": Samsung Star GT
    Now on OnePlus 7 Pro

  17. Mohamed Taher says

    2012: sam galaxy s3
    2013: same
    2014 : iphone 5
    late 2019 switched to op7pro after 5 years with the iphone 5 😁

  18. Rohit Pingulkar says

    Nokia supernova 7210 was my first phone an I played bounce on that and that was the best game I ever played those days 😂

  19. Ying Xiong says


  20. Alexis Barrientos says

    My first phone was the Sony Ericsson T226 follow by the Moto RAZR V3.
    But then yeap:
    2008: The original iPhone
    2019: Samsung S8
    I was one of the few privileged to have one so close to the launch and funny fact, I still have this bad boy to this day.

  21. Pawan Kundar says

    2014: Nokia X
    2016: Redmi note 3
    2017: Mi A1
    2019: K20

  22. Paarth Goyal says

    Nokia 3310

  23. shripad kadam says

    2014: Sony Xperia M2
    2015: Sony Xperia C4
    2016: Samsung galaxy S6
    2016: Motorola Moto G5 Plus
    2018: Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro

  24. David Bradford says

    Can you link your home screen
    wallpaper on the 11 pro?

  25. Lulas Pil says

    My first smartphone was the Samsung Monte I think it was called

  26. WonderAsif says

    Nokia 3310

  27. Nitrec Unboxing says

    My first smart phone was Nokia Lumia 520😍

  28. Giovanni Santorsola says

    My first smartphone was the LG Optimus One (P500) with Android 2.3 gingerbread back in 2011

  29. Pablomache says

    2002 Sony Ericsson P800. Three years older than YouTube.

  30. Glen Dsouza says

    Matt Davella will do you your challenge

  31. Vinayak Kale says

    2012: Samsung Galaxy Y
    2019: Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro

  32. Draey says

    First iPhone / Smartphone i owned was the iPhone 2

  33. Lorenz Wackenhut says

    2012: Samsung Wave S8500
    2019: OnePlus 6t

  34. Best Natthawut says

    Is Nokia Symbian considered as smartphone?

  35. Mihir Patel says

    Iphone11 PRO

  36. black cat says

    nokia 1600 father of mobile phones

  37. Roopesh Kumar says

    2017 mid: moto m 4+64
    2018 oct: Moto Z2 Play
    And let's see…

  38. sharon Laidley says

    is red and black still your favourite combination of colours

  39. Ahsan Younas says

    My first smartphone in Dec 2007 was iPhone 1st Gen and that too in Pakistan. I still remember how I jailbreak it to run my Local Sim. I remember when I installed few apps from Cydia. I dont think many people remeber there was no App Store on iOS 1.0.
    And when Apple launched app store seeing the success of Cydia and Application Store.

  40. Mateusz Jackowski says

    Mine was LG KF700 from 2008 and it had a selfie camera, flash and volume knob 😛

  41. The Guardian of the Spoons says

    2011: Nokia XpressMusic 5800
    2019: OnePlus 7

  42. consciously says

    2007 – Nokia N95
    2019 – OnePlus 7 Pro

  43. Jon Snow says

    Ahh the good ol’ days of the YouTube app…

  44. Nayan Khandagle says

    2009: Samsung Something
    2011: Acer Betouch
    2014: Samsung Galaxy Grand
    2017: Samsung Galaxy J7 prime
    2019: Galaxy a50s

  45. Sleeping Tablet1 says

    2011: Samsung Galaxy Mini
    2012: Samsung Galaxy S2
    2013: Samsung Galaxy S3
    2014: HTC One M8
    2015: Nexus 6P
    2017: Samsung Galaxy S8
    2019: Samsung Galaxy S10+

  46. Haroon Dockrat says

    My 1st smart phone was the Original iPhone

  47. Sreehari Madhu says

    You should also do an Samsung galaxy S duos vs S10+ or maybe S11 when it comes around.

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