iPhone 11 Review: Too Easy!

iPhone 11 Review: Too Easy!
iPhone 11 is… the iPhone most people should buy. Obviously. iPhone 11 Pro Review: https://youtu.be/DyX-QZZBgpw iPhone 11 skins: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. KernKluck says

    Just got a xs . My Snapchat camera is ass it’s all zoomed in and blurry n shit . Any tips? Also my regular front camera looks . Weird

  2. Ojas Nimsarkar says

    I am waiting for 2021 iPhone so That I could buy 2020 iPhone for less price Or 2021 “ cheap” phone with better features than 2020 iPhone and with less price ….
    iPhone XR was expensive on the launch than iPhone 11 same with iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus 😅

  3. Muhammad Adnanismail says

    My guy has been getting thiccer beard,

  4. Tech Doc says

    Beard is coming.

  5. Terra Shot says

    Easy Video!

  6. Anthony mack says

    Your dope man❗️❗️❗️❗️you rock keep with the videos

  7. Nihad Abdul Hameed says

    Not same ip68

  8. Bald Adventures19 says

    I am planning to buy one soon

  9. furiuskiller 6 says

    5:56 YES!

  10. A R says

    I bought the iPhone X

  11. Sanjay H says

    Hey wat is up guys I'm Kim pHD here 😂(auto captions be like)

  12. Kuwertzel says

    1:44: Please, read the colors in the same order they are displayed!

  13. Faisal Shahi says

    Near to reach 10 m

  14. John Phelyno says

    Mkbhd is someone we can call down to earth. I mean down to tech. 😂

  15. Noor Hasan says

    Iphone,, bro you need to learn the meaning of

  16. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark says

    2:12 suspense camera movement >:(

  17. The Ultimate Champion says

    Sponsors: Mobile Covers
    MKBHD: @2:23 "But if you use your phone naked like me!"

  18. Abhimanyu Gupta says

    Paid. He'll permanently be paid by Apple & He'll continue licking Apple's a** forever.

  19. Beth Nott says

    wait so if the new iPhone 11 has a resolution of 1792 x 828 for $700, but my Huawei P20 lite has a resolution of 2280 x 1080 and it's a $200 phone….. does that mean my phone has a better screen? not a rhetorical question like literally can someone answer

  20. Yinka Olatunde says

    Love your video. Thumbs up

  21. Adrien Brasseur says

    The iPhone 4 was the first phone to have hd resolution he was release in 2010 the iPhone 4s is the first phone to have full hd 2011 the iPhone 11 is just a downgrade and it’s $700 2019 (me :wut not a iPhone in full hd that not a good phone )

  22. iloveyou1434ever says

    Apple should attached pussy with ever IPhone

  23. leela.717 leela.717 says

    Very easy, barely inconvenience..

  24. Fun 4 free says

    Any Guess When MKBHD will touch 10 M subs. ❓

  25. Tilden Cooper says

    Almost said ‘slofies’

  26. Sarah C. says

    Okay then I’m living with regrets of buying an iPhone XR earlier this September

  27. Pro GAMER1065 says

    😱😱new name!!! Amazing

  28. Shyam V says

    This is the iPhone you're looking for

  29. Sai K Vashisht says

    2020 where i am looking too.

  30. aayush sinha says

    Not same water resistant

  31. AZ Entertainment says

    Mate 30 pro ?

  32. Ronit says

    T H I C C N E S S

  33. Rz says

    Xr have ip67 bro

  34. Bm 12345 says

    Compromise over innovation…….LOVE IT

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