iPhone 7 with no Headphone Jack?!

iPhone 7 with no Headphone Jack?!
iPhone 7 without a 3.5mm headphone jack means… adapters. Phillips lightning headphones: http://amzn.to/1Pqa7uo Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. SamuraiSlender says

    And this is one of the reasons that people should buy android phones, if you put enough research into android phones then you would find many good companies like Umidigi or Huawei. I'm using and Umidigi one btw.

  2. Bird Always21 says

    am i the only person who doesnt give a fuck how thick is phone

  3. Jason Recinos says

    Why tf is this in my recommendations

  4. Viktor Sundström says

    But the audio jack didn’t get replaced.

  5. Nate DS says

    iPhone 8: 1080p display,16:9 screen ,Siri ,no headphone jack,lightning port

    Galaxy S9: 1440 display, 18:9 screen ,google assistant(and bixby), a headphone jack, and usb type c+fast charging

    Choose wisely

  6. Yl'luria says

    So, being a techspert, which major phones do you prefer? Android or iPhone?
    I"m visually impaired and for YEARS people have been insisting I get an iPhone. Now I have one, and.. frankly I"m not sure I like it. The zoom function is awkward, default print sizes on various apps are so small I have to use the zoom where I never had to before on my Android, (even with the fonts adjust on the general and accessibility settings), and the user interface just seems sooo clumsy and backward to me. But most importantly, I"m finding the 7+ significantly HARDER on my eyes than the ZTE Max Pro I just had to switch from due to water damage… So.. why should I stay w/iPhone..?

    I was excited about trying an iPhone because of its better camera, the water resistance and all the supposedly super-awesome blindo features I'd be able to get if I switch to iPhone, but so far, it just seems like its better for folks who are fully blind, NOT folks who are low-vision and do actually still use print, etc. And the drawbacks for switching thus far have been real, like I can't seem to transfer my ringtones, music & other media onto this new phone, I've learned that there is no expandable storage so the micro SD from my old phone has nowhere to go, and with this phone only being 32g, sans expandable storage, what, I have to buy a whole new phone once this little guy runs out..? (Which, now that everyone and their kid sister have an app they all want you to use, is gonna run out FAST.) Plus, now there's this weird headphone thing. So.. is the iPhone really worth it..? Or do you think should I try to get back to Android?

    Thanks so much for your thoughts, and the great video! It was hella informative, and I really appreciate all in-depth info. ^_^ Thanks so much!

  7. Rico Sebastiani says

    looking back now, i think wireless tech is the future

  8. Doug Phillips says

    i am trying to find a phone so this is very useful to know some things about each one

  9. Galih KrisVector says

    American : Complaining about Apple.
    Also american : Buy Apple.

  10. TRG says

    God: did you get your good vibration motor.
    Apple: yes
    God: What did it cost?
    Apple: The headphone jack

  11. t a says

    Android is soooooo much better. Same with pc over mac

  12. t a says

    Apple is so stupid. Why do people buy this crap

  13. kîttîe says

    Buy earpods 👌

  14. Justin Farmer says

    Maybe one day iPhone will invent its own built in charger.

  15. jay the gamer says

    Didn’t he
    Mean iPhone 6

  16. Tommy Acuna says

    You think they got rid of it to save space?! Trust me they did it for money.

  17. ItsJocelyn says

    so do i have to get airpods….or like beats or…..raycons? thinks in head what mom will say Mom: HAHAHAHAHAHAH AIRPODS? DO YOU PAY BILLS? HHAAHAHAHA. No. Get the hell out my face.

    thinks what mom will say about beats mom: She looks around the house me: mom what are you doing? mom: TRYING TO FIND WHO ARE YOU TALKING TO.

    Thinks about what she'll say about raycons Me: what about these mom their only 70. Mom: Ask your dad.

    asks dad Dad: ask your mom.


  18. Shadow JD says

    Very late, but really?! 😂 I haven't used a headphone jack for years bluetooth ain't dat expensive. Even if u can't afford wireless, well u clearly can cuz u spent over 500£ on a phone.

  19. Tahir Ali says

    Apple demands change-the radical change for which we all resist.

  20. Noah K says

    iPhone X(10) has no home button

    Probably iPhone 11 won’t have Volume buttons

    Probably iPhone 12 won’t have an off button

    Probably iPhone 13 wont have a screen

    Probably iPhone 14 won’t have a phone

  21. Chethan Jain says

    Just going through the comments, probably Note9 will be the last flagship with 3.5 mm jack. 2019 is going to be no jack and no notch year. Cheers!

  22. Sansa _ang says

    Strongly reccomend samsung galaxy s 7 edge

  23. j says

    now were in 2018 and theirs basically no flagships left with one unfortunately.

  24. The Ace of Spades says

    And as predicted almost no one cares now. Apple is always hated until everyone else proves them right on accident

  25. mnl48 finisher says

    Apple is only always think about how can they suck more money to people. Fuck that apple

  26. don7a5k aka says


  27. funny personlly says

    So u can plug earbuds but not headphones

  28. Alex says

    That’s iPhone 6

  29. József Volentér says

    They didn't even know.

  30. Nuclear Icecream says

    Lol look at those 2 year old comments. I agree no jack means shit but look at the iPhone X now. No jack= crazy profit. lol it actually works. Now OnePlus, LG, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Sony, and Apple, all of them abandoned the jack.

  31. Tesfa Demissie Content says

    watching this in 2018 😀

  32. Mariam says

    2018? anyone .
    just me. uhhhhhhhhhhh ok

  33. Ernst Otto Oehler says

    It's all about dat Cash

  34. Ali Raza says

    That T-shirt 😍😍🔥🔥

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