iPhone 8 Wishlist? Ask MKBHD V15!

iPhone 8 Wishlist? Ask MKBHD V15!
iPhone 8? Pixel 2? Daily vlogs? Note 8? Lots of stuff to talk about in April… What’s On: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Ishan Ghimire says

    1/2 on your wish list ain't that bad.

    But fuck apple for starting that tend tho.

  2. Vincent 2099 says

    5:11 you lost in the first round😂

  3. Your Subscriber says

    Hello man

  4. Ghazali Ramli says

    Dear Marq, where can i get that beautiful potted grass? I hv been searching high and low online for this…

  5. tech boy vishal says

    Nice word

  6. Jhone Hailegeorgies says

    Man your videos are high quality. Good reviews.

  7. EddyGraphic says

    Watching this from Note8 😂

  8. JGolfer says

    You're so cool lol

  9. C.E. Amune says

    Clippers def lost in 7 lol

  10. Ray van den Bel says

    What is the status of iPhone 8 iMovie exporting 4k projects in 60fps? When will we finally get it? It was the reason I bought it in the first place

  11. Raphael Miller says

    cgp grey

  12. Technosmart says

    Whats the intro music ??

  13. Simon Groot says

    Well, seems like the full iPhone 8 wishlist failed.

  14. Adit Dudani says

    Anyone else notice his eyes flitting to the top of the screen at the end of the video?

  15. Uzair Musajee says

    How bow dah

  16. Mike says

    They lost in the 1st round

  17. Cameron Rodgers says


  18. Workenesh Woldmariam says

    Dear marques Exlent very high quality Interested send me by aidia

  19. airpod smurf says

    Intro is DAFT PUNK Yellowire Tonight is the Night (Remix)

  20. Syed Huda says

    I want one

  21. NA says

    I love the design to the pixel. Sweet and simple

  22. Makita Jazzqueen says

    You rock ♥ thanks for the honesty

  23. Yogeshrestha says

    Don't you review Microsoft products??

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