Is This Food Or Something Else?: Chocolate or Rocks • Tasty

Is This Food Or Something Else?: Chocolate or Rocks • Tasty
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  1. Magna-Karta Canopy says

    I tasted the chocolate rock before 😉 it's yummy

  2. Lily Si Tu says

    Can someone tell me where did gadiel got his shirt 😉

  3. Boi It’s Dani says

    Chocolate rocks reminds me of when I was little

  4. Berry says

    Buzzfeed knows how to get me to watch. Showing any member of worth it, Rie, Or Alvin

  5. Kid with a dead soul says

    ‘’ That’s what happens when you don’t believe in Satan ‘’

  6. Ut XO Vlogs says

    Anh da đen tóc dài nhìn thật phong cách. Tôi thích anh ấy🥀

  7. greengeekgirl says

    Daaaamn buzzfeed is really biting Rhett and Link lately. Two videos in my feed in the past five minutes that are directly the same concepts they’ve been filming for years.

  8. freya c says

    this is literally just rock paper scissors with a forfeit for the loser

  9. Cover Gorl says

    "That's what happens when you don't believe in Satan, you lose!" He's my favorite LMAOOO

  10. ッᑭᗩᑎTᗩ ᖇᗩT says

    I have pica so I’d be fine with both

  11. 박승민 says

    I love those rocks..

  12. Aastha Adhikari says

    Lmao katie's reaction to the last one was hilarious😂😂😂

  13. McGladiator says

    This show is just best of 3 rock paper scissors with extra steps

  14. Aymei Deona says

    More please!!!

  15. The Crissy show says

    I’ve had chocolate rocks before

  16. Ashley Xie says

    Why didn’t they use rock candy for the last one?

  17. LaShonda Young says

    Am I the only one that never had chocolate rocks as a kid 🤷🏾‍♀️

  18. animeawakens ! says

    Here’s a joke:
    All these lookalikes are HARD

  19. Mahy Maradj says

    I had one of these rock chocolates when I was a kid, it tastes very chocolatey but it kinda sticks in teeth

  20. Chimchimchubs says

    What about putting the items in a glass box or something so they cannot smell it?

  21. Satsuki Nakamura says

    Rie is very cute and good to strangers but very sadistic to the people she is close

  22. Nightmare Wolfs_17 says

    Damn your English is perfect for a Dominican

  23. JP says

    Those were all so obvious… I don’t see how this is a challenge

  24. noob gaming says

    I have eat that chocolate rocks

  25. Wandering Soul says

    Ugh, I hate chocolate rocks. They taste like cheap ass easter chocolate that your aunts give to you after mass covered in dust and disappointment

  26. SexyBlacK says

    Back in my days, we used to eat real rocks and PRETEND that it was a chocolate. Millennials these days.

  27. Baby Cake says

    Choco rocks long time in market but I don't that shit.. People loves it and it's pretty famous

    Love from Malaysia

  28. Charles Andrei Delos Santos says

    Who's that cute asian dude?

  29. craig dsouza says

    Jasmine likes to put things in her mouth 😂

  30. Aba Nana says

    I always eat those chocalate rocks and those are tasty

  31. Omg you should do a series called 'Knock off or real' so you could have a real oreo and a knock off brand and then see if people can tell whick is which.

  32. Maria says

    Next time: tide pods or dessert?

  33. Savannah Micelli says

    Okay the title photo was my childhood, I would take these chocolate rocks and decorate my gingerbreads house

  34. MrStealYoGirl says

    Chocolate Rocks…

  35. lindzr16 says

    Waiting for one of them to chip a tooth in one of these videos

  36. Arashi Mae says

    Soooo you guys haven't eaten a chocolate rock before you must been living under a rock then huh xD

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