Japanese Neo Gals Makeup Inspired

Japanese Neo Gals Makeup Inspired
Hi guys sorry for the delay. For this week’s tutorial I got inspired by my old picture when I tried gyrau makeup style so for 2016 I decided to try something new …

Japanese Neo Gals Makeup Inspired
Source sichenmakeupholic
  1. Ohxunqi9 _exo says

    Love your hair TT

  2. Penguin Pilot says

    Gosh, you make makeup look so fresh and I instantly want to try!

  3. Lazy MSP says

    I won't look that good even if I was good at makeup.

  4. Nadine Abrahams says

    Lol mi casa in the background 😂

  5. たゃん says


  6. chaimaa ad says

    I am kindda brown brunette should I change the color of the eye-shadow

    PS:I've small eyes trying to make them bigger

  7. Arctic Wolf Beauty says

    I have come to your videos time and time again and I never noticed I wasn't subscribed until now. Well… Today is a great day for me, cuz I finally did and now I can keep up to date with your videos all the time! 😁

  8. Utuh Nanang says

    Beautyful 😍

  9. bad bih私は says

    i‘m jealous you’re so pretty!!!

  10. Razhel Avissa says

    Cantik.. saya suka❤️

  11. Yuka GamingShow says

    You are sooooo perfect omg <3 ! If only i could look like you (*.*).

  12. Gorrrllllllllll daemnnnnn

  13. nijika nijika says

    she's so beautiful i've followed this makeup tutorial before and i really like it so much😍💕

  14. Sonia Viramontes says

    Would like to see it with out her wearing contact lenses 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  15. SHERO says

    Awesome! @t

  16. Caroline Lam says

    So gorgeous. I'm girl and now my heart ba ba dump because of you😂. You like a beauty witch ❤️ hope you will have more tutorials makeup clips like this 😍

  17. Sashiyaki says

    The way you edit to actually show where the makeup goes is a work of a god. I wish more makeup tutorials would do this!

  18. Sara Ali says



  19. Asma tara Tuli says

    Japanese girls are beautiful

  20. Spirit_Playz says


  21. Nil Roy says

    U r sooo cute😭😭😭😭😭

  22. Sonia Godes says

    Aaaaa, you are so cute =^-^=
    And I really love youre make up))

  23. N Ryan says

    This video was pretty bad tbh

  24. منوعات سوسو says

    الي عرب يضغط لايك 👍

  25. Grecia Arreaga says

    I love your make up! Greetings from Guatemala

  26. are you kirring mi irrriya?? says

    again .. gorgeous.

  27. Islam Hero Na Na says

    Makeup is lied

  28. Beauty with Aarti says


  29. Söusöu Bën says


  30. Susmita Chakraborty says

    You are so pretty

  31. Lim Kerlyn says

    Lucky I am not a man, OMG I am so attracted to you…. Haha 😊

  32. I’m_single_ says

    Anyone think she looks a bit like an Asian version of jhene aiko

  33. g dc says

    you are so beautiful and you do such a great work, your editing and makeups are just perfect

  34. KANI says

    Am I the only one that thinks shw looks a lot like Jhene Aiko?

  35. Sweet toto says

    Very beautiful hair and makeup

  36. Gloria Ramirez says

    please tell me where you bought your hair extensions .

  37. Efsun Atahan says

    Beautifull eyes

  38. Bella Bella says

    I love you

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