Jaybird Freedom: Best Wireless Earbuds?

Jaybird Freedom: Best Wireless Earbuds?
The new Jaybird Freedom are the complete bluetooth package. Jaybird X2 Review: https://youtu.be/LObJOc5u7sY Video Gear I use: …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Zen Q says

    Look like Klipsch earphones

  2. Isaac Schulte says

    How is the size in regards to fitting in the ear? I owned the Jaybird Bluebuds and even the smallest size tip was too big and eventually hurt my ears.

  3. Vignesh Mariah says

    Is it worth it if I can get it for 50 dollars now?

  4. Koji Takata says

    3 years later I bought this for 25$ they sound freakin amazing.

  5. Jerry Hold says

    Hey, it's Mark Ass from YouTube rewind

  6. spoods says

    I'm still rocking mark ass's setup to this day, silver s7 edge & black jaybird freedoms… if they aint broke dont replace them, both have held up extremely well thru wear and time

  7. Alwee Sa'ad says

    Does it has any delay when you play videos ?

  8. On Rail says

    Hi Marques, They sell this Earbuds in sweden for 60USD. Do you think thats good value buying them today ?

  9. SK says

    They are not as good as everyone makes it out to be. Just be wary with reviews….

  10. ENERGIZER BunnY says

    I got mine for 40 bucks with a 2 year warranty

  11. Wout Dekker says

    I bought it for 40 dollars

  12. B Sran says

    Just got em, they are still fantabulous

  13. Probhat Malakar says

    I have it yay

  14. aktivist.040 says

    60 dollars today!!

  15. 4 hours? thats a bummer

  16. Luke L.D.S says

    Selling for £40 on amazon right now :0

  17. Dyounus 531 says

    I am using the freedom 2 and man they are just amazing. Better than the airpods or Samsung gear icons.

  18. Steven Corbo says

    I was hoping to see if you would review them I'm not linked to this company in anyway I just thought they were really cool

  19. Steven Corbo says

    review of Easy KZ ZST Hybrid Banlance Armature with Dynamic In-ear Earphone 1BA+1DD Hifi Headset… by Yinyoo

  20. Steven Corbo says

    Marques I ran across these and was impressed and as an audiophile I thought you might appreciate an awesome pair of dual driver earbuds for under $20

  21. Ethan Ratberry says

    Are these still worth buying today ?

  22. ExtrovertedCenobite says

    Received as a gift, was very excited to have a good pair of wireless earbuds. Did not hold a charge for long, assumed I left them on or my fault at some point. After one week of usage, I charged to 100% confirmed that they were shut off and left on my nightstand. Came back in a few hours and turned on, the 100% charge was now 80%. I retested at 60% and confirmed that they were shut off, came back and tested in a few hours and they were at 20%.
    Have re-boxed to give to my son so that he can return them. Very disappointed and feel bad for returning a gift from my son.
    I own a cheap pair of earbuds that hold the charge and never had a problem with them even though there were a fraction of the cost of the Freedom ear buds.

  23. Matty says

    These are now 99.99$ USD

  24. ChiTownBlackDragon says

    These suck. They don't stay in my ear and they have a proprietary charger which is slightly different from their other proprietary charger. Taking them right back to Best Buy after work. Stop trying to make extra money on chargers and make a damn head set that says in your ear.

  25. Campbell .Garry says

    This video is from 2016? wtf

  26. Ecuabiker600 S says

    Hello question pleaSe i found one at the park and how do I buy a charger to use it please and thank you

  27. m de says

    We need at least 24 battery last and be able to use it in the car to talk

  28. UnseenSpirit says

    My dream is to own these with a Samsung S6. Too bad I'm from Vietnam and only have a pot belly pig as a friend

  29. Raian Levy says

    Damn, got them for 40usd on best buy

  30. Steamed Buns says

    These are the worst Jaybird headphones ever made. They shouldn't have even made a second version. X3 are cheaper and better.

  31. Velrethar says

    Anyone else get crazy stuttering with these headphones? Can’t have them farther than 2 feet from my phone without problems at the gym.

  32. Tóth Barnabás says

    It has got noiss cancalling?

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