Jaybird X2 Review: Best Bluetooth Earbuds!

Jaybird X2 Review: Best Bluetooth Earbuds!
Jaybird X2 is a tech refresh of the original Bluebuds X! Jaybird X2: http://amzn.to/1Mxp8H4 Original Jaybird Bluebuds X: http://amzn.to/1KutfPF Top 5 …

Source Marques Brownlee
  1. Daniel says

    Got them for 20$ on amazon 😀

  2. TheCrossedEyedGamer says

    got these for like 20 dollars. Pretty much new. Damn good earbuds.

  3. Coolshows101 says

    I just got some missing the fins and all but two tips for $3 at Deseret Industries.

  4. Sky Htoo says

    finally i can afford jaybird x2 in 2019!

  5. Squidward Tortellini says

    These things are fucking shit. Got mine today and i used them for an hour and after charging them for an hour they wont turn on. Please dont buy these

  6. roces 5th says

    why I can't connect them with iPhone 8+???

  7. Fouzaan Amjad says

    I bought these for $35

  8. leanderdigerud says

    do they work with ps4?

  9. refak makeen says

    Is this earphone still worth buying?

  10. Seadog95 says

    Dont buy Jaybirds folks if you dont plan on holding your phone the whole time you use them. They dont connect while in pockrts, purses, etc. Its a major design flaw that many people have complained about and quite frankly a deal breaker. Dont waste your money!

  11. Antony Le says

    $30-40 on eBay.. worth

  12. 蔡秉衡 says

    I want it

  13. Jon Cell says

    How about the bass ?

  14. Panda World Tour says

    Esse fone tem ótima qualidade de som, mas seu sistema é pessimo, o meu parou de funcionar muito rápido, pesquisem por Jaybird X2 Wont turn on" no google e veja muitas pessoas que tiveram o mesmo problema que eu e a Jaybird simplesmente nao da o suporte devido para fones tao caros

  15. PapaSofs says

    does anyone know if it has any delay

  16. Asyraf Abdul Malik says

    Still using Jaybird X2 after few years.. still luving it… still sound awsome… Now i aiming for the Jaybird Run… 🤗

  17. Ilovemakaveli says

    are they sweat proof?

  18. Adhav P says

    anybody have a problem with sound sounding distorted and weird while using facetime or siri

  19. Tyler Gowan says

    Just picked these up today new for 50$ 😏

  20. kush cloudz says

    Could have made the video 1 second shorter

  21. DAr00d sandstrooom says

    durable? nope the rubber cable is pretty easy to damage if you're not careful

    But they're pretty decent. and IMO the foam tips are shit (don't get me wrong I'd use foam tips over silicone ANY DAY but these sucks. but I guess it's also cuz it's 5mm hole and thus not to "squish" like the Shure or Nuforce IEMs

    But nonetheless good product. just wait for discount Tbh

  22. Alek Shyblosky says

    im a bit late but they are about 50 to 70 usd. should i pick up a pair?

  23. Gerardo Garcia says

    How about the bass? I listen to trap rap!

  24. A E says

    MKBHD, here is where the internet might target you for reviews. I really dig your content man but like a lot of other like consumers, I too bought a pair of these X2s and loved them for a bit until the flashing light of death started happening. Fully charged indicator (solid green) shows when plugged in but just won't power on. There are a lot of YT videos on how some people managed to 'fix' theirs but the issue persists even with them. For mine, none of the suggested fixes work and its pretty much a brick. The point of this is that these did not come cheap and from Jaybird support, it looks like we would all just have to shove it. Is this commercial capitalism at its best? Gone is the time when manufacturers stood behind their product and just want us to keep buying the updated versions over and over while supported by reviews?

  25. Alex Suero says

    I got these for only $45 instead of paying so much for for the X3s

  26. Antonio Martinez says

    bought the first pair at your suggestion. hated them. not making the same mistake twice

  27. 李峻豪 says

    Got mine today for 100 bucks. The sound quality works perfectly fine for my favorite music genre(Dubstep,Trap). And the comply ear tips are super comfortable to wear. Definitely worth the money!

  28. Alisson Xavier says

    Has some application for android that shows the battery of this X2?

  29. Wynne Sutisna says

    +Marques Brownlee when you connected the x2 withh bluetooth to your phone, then you turn on the music. It won't be on speaker mode on right? The sound will come out at the x2 right?

  30. LordPolse says

    Mine recently survived being washed at 40C in the pocket of my running sweather.

  31. fz mkl says

    The real sound comes where you chose the correct buds. That's the fact.

  32. Nikhil Kumar says

    Does it have good base

  33. Nadyah official says

    i could buy them only 55$ because jaybird x3 just got released i know that im late

  34. Zymon Ramirez says

    There are some issues with the X2. For one they are very big and they stick out of my ear a lot. Along with that issue non of the ear tips fit properly. I think my ears are just small and the eartips didnt work properly. So for me i just returned them.

  35. Adil Aslam says

    can I pair it with my lumia 920?

  36. Brandon Rippy says

    these airbuds aren't compatible with the iphone. There is a sound lag when I watch videos on my phone using these, so the lips on a person mouths moves and then the sound comes thru the buds a second later. smh. I hate it.

  37. 4A Productions says

    Can this accept phone call?

  38. Pierre Diaz says

    if you are coming From a heavy base headphones I don't recommend this jaybird , to flat sound for me , and very low volume , the X3 are the same

  39. Pink Sheep says

    Bought a pair of these and the right earbud was making a weird physic noise each time I moved it. Then, I returned them and bought a new pair. Same thing again with the same earbud. Idk wtf is happening. And its not my ear because all my other wired earbuds are fine

  40. Kris Steven says


  41. Aaron Landis says

    There is reason why the designs and models keep changing. They cannot seem to get it right. I made the mistake of buying 3 sets of Jaybirds and have had problems with all of them. When you contact them for help, they will not help. It was easily the worst customer service I have ever witnessed. I have records of inappropriate emails sent by the reps when they had no idea that customers were on the string. It is unreal. Myself and another customer flagged this up to executive and not even an apology or anything. Never seen anything like it.

  42. Luo Youwei says

    Only 48USD for a whole new Jaybird X2

  43. Gefen Shpil says

    4 days

  44. Gefen Shpil says

    not a week

  45. sameep dawar says

    Please dont buy x2. its really a bad product and the customer service is horrible. Mine stopped working after just 60 day of use and no response from customer service yet.

  46. Thomas from Denmark says

    Thank you for the review. Could you please tell me if those block out all outside sound? Thx

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