Jenga Polenta Sticks • Tasty

Jenga Polenta Sticks • Tasty
How could you not play with your food with this fun recipe? These polenta sticks come together and fry quickly and easily, then stack them up, and pair it with any …

Source Tasty
  1. Nadhir Adikara Rashdan says

    And try to make a giant chicken nugget

  2. Nadhir Adikara Rashdan says

    Hey tasty make a video about you making big food

  3. Kodama Boy says

    Mom: “don’t play with your food”

    Me: French toast Jenga Tower

  4. lets eat邊走邊吃 says


  5. lets eat邊走邊吃 says


  6. rx says

    Man when i would cook i'd instead of Jenga Polenta sticks make Jenga Polenta Trees

  7. Abeer : says


  8. Kiro says

    white people wack

  9. Saumya Shah says

    What is it with the new Tasty videos being so weirdly shaped?

  10. Kyle k says

    Tasty doesnt know how to make good food, they just post shit that probably tastes bland and awful, but looks visually appealing so people click on it

  11. PashPaw says

    Fancy, savory fried corn meal mush!

  12. Viktoria Vita says

    Sehr interessante Video. Lade euch alle gerne auch auf mein Kanal. Habe "Kabanossi Würstchen" veröffentlicht.

  13. PICH GAMING says

    Am here before 1m view

  14. rhijulbec1 says

    Worst. Video. Ever!
    Just nothing good about it. Except maybe the polenta.

  15. Miniature Worlds says

    nice video

  16. Larisa-chan says

    De ce nu mămăligă?

  17. Poonam smart kitchen says


  18. James Jackson says

    Is it just me who thinks shortbread would work better for this

  19. KettouRyuujin says

    Looks fun, but I’m not down for having to search for the Tasty seasonings…Anyone know a good replacement?

  20. Amazing

  21. Cake Junkie says

    You are so talented and I enjoy watching your videos to unwind after a long day!

  22. Обзоры с Cherry Boom says

    I like 👍👍👍👏

  23. Brooklyn Lovato says

    What is polenta?

  24. *-Aether Heart-* says

    Now if your friend just beat you and you dont wanna play again, just eat it

  25. da memez says

    Make giant ramen lol

  26. priyadarshini lakshmi says

    Plastic wrap on Dip?? Why?? When will tasty stop using unnecessary plastic?

  27. Marcus Costello says

    Make a giant cake

  28. Claudia Zahnd-Prezioso says

    Oh my… NEVER microwave Polenta…. you COOK it! Would you microwave Risotto as well??

  29. Breeze says

    Mom: Stop playing with your food

  30. Village Food Ranger says

    Im hungry 😋 now ❤️
    Love from Sri Lanka ❤️

  31. Phosnerd says

    Whats the point of the jenga part

  32. Mintyfresh xd says

    Do Jenga with GIANT French Toast Sticks😋

  33. Danielle Crabtree says

    Why would you not just make polenta on the stove? Y'all really want us to microwave it for 20 minutes??

  34. llama hoe says

    Heeeey boos

  35. KitiNeko says

    I don't know, but Polenta and Avocado are my favourites since I was 5 and now they are getting even more and more expensive… Sad.

  36. Emo Bunny says

    It's all fun in games until Jenga Polenta sticks fall down

  37. Ghar Ki Rasoi says

    So nice recipe
    And testy recipe

  38. Top Yummy 中国 says

    Is it Mashed potato???

  39. Olivia says


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