Kickstart Your New Year With These Low Calorie Meal Recipes • Tasty

Kickstart Your New Year With These Low Calorie Meal Recipes • Tasty
Start the new year off with a bang, check out these low-calorie recipes for a great way to keep healthy! Shop the NEW Tasty Merch: …

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  1. Asmogrim says

    Also kickstart your new year by learning about what helps you lose weight. These high carb dishes will not do that. It's too bad because I love rice.

  2. Food House Nation says

    Check out some of our meals too as well!

  3. Gorilla Chomp says

    Tasty: low calorie meals for new years
    Also Tasty: deep fried lasagna 🤔

  4. Rocky1115 says

    I swear, if they ever cook something with beef, heads are going to explode.

  5. Alexia Mannino says

    Question: what does tasty do with all that food? Who eats it

  6. ñïghtwõlf gåchå says

    The first ones I was like I'm fooking vegaterian like I ain't eating nothing of that

  7. Miranda Mom says

    If you’re gonna call it Chicken Parmesan, it really ought to have Parmesan in it.

  8. Aditi Chopra says

    Less calories
    Calories in it >400

  9. Mr cool says

    I want more tasty's Makin it big

  10. Eero K says

    I REALY like Noodles can you make them BIG and CHUNKY

  11. [ *_Puppi Toga 12_* ] says

    Why is it saying new year and posted 8 mins ago? It’s April XD

  12. 푸드링FoodRing says

    Who else Liked before watching?☺️

  13. natt773 says

    I like that they actually use oil.

  14. Life Of Melissa says

    love these videos

  15. Hawaiian Brian says

    Did anyone else hate the music?

  16. twft says

    Why must everything be so zesty

  17. Gothgirl 2121 says

    Instead white meat chicken in almost every video y not Chinese black chicken n yes it does exist plus b eaten in any type of way.

  18. Stupid Vlogs says

    Bro if you could make me a huge version of a Burger King poutine I will love you forever my name is Caleb

  19. Nipun Silva says

    I'm hungry 😄😐😑😇

  20. faelliot says

    literally none of these are vegetarian, so disappointed

  21. THE WADS says

    Wait. How did her hands stay clean while dredging the chicken?! Magic.

  22. Chocolate Dribbles says

    Kinda looks like Adobo

  23. Grazy Official says

    Ascolta la mia canzone se ti va : ))

  24. Giovanny Zúniga says

    If these are low calorie meals then I’m not fat, I’m just a little fluffy! 😂 😂 💯👌

  25. MelBell 0865 says

    The lack of cheese on the “Chicken Parmesan” makes me sad😢

  26. Marcus 095 says

    Where are all my ed people looking for food they can eat

  27. Samya awan says

    Girls keep the likes even
    Boys keep the likes odd
    Let's see who will win👀

  28. 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  29. Mark Tanner says

    Love the channel and all the tasty recipes. Only thing I’d ask is that you put the ingredients a bit lower on the screen. Every time a thumbnail comes on you can’t see the ingredients info.

  30. Lalu Nagar says

    Oh, I thought that I will be the first comment. but all at same time.☹😥

  31. Loïc Seepaul says


    ( Like this comment!)

  32. No One says

    Why they all have chicken or smth

  33. DR. DOLITTLE says

    Testy fans put like😀😀

  34. No One says

    I genuinely like tasty…

  35. Kitchen For Hungers says

    Hlw everyone
    You will be happy to know that we cook food for orphan children and for helpless old home people’s but unfortunately we Have very less supporters but we need support to continue this great work. please guys support us.

  36. mia Klovo says

    Who is better tasty = like
    TrickyFun Nation = comment

  37. Winedrops901 says

    You should give us a new real low cal video, some of these are almost 500 cal 🙄

  38. Candy says

    Para no dejar la tragason después de las fiestas 🤠

  39. wufei chang says

    Me: Wow this looks healthy and easy to prepare!
    Me on the 3rd day : Fookit, lemme order some double cheeseburger with large fries.

  40. IiX_Yushi says

    Hi ppl ▪▪💕

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