KIDS Build SECRET Primitive HOUSE for DOGS !

KIDS Build SECRET Primitive HOUSE for DOGS !
KIDS Build SECRET Primitive HOUSE for DOGS ! SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome …

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  1. LPS shadow wolf studios says

    Omg its beautiful with the fish!!

  2. Dumitru Maya says

    love u Azzy

  3. Julie Niazi says

    Cute *

  4. Julie Niazi says

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww they sooo cut

  5. Astrid Stranger things says

    Rise and eggs are good for puppies♥️ It's good for there body❤️

  6. Gina Gargarita says

    Yeah dogs can eat soft rice and meat

  7. Phoenix Cat09 says

    “It all comes back to the hamster tubes!”
    -Azzy 2019

  8. Evie Hedges says

    Dogs are allowed rice by the way I should know since I have five lol chicken and rice is good for them

  9. Phoenix Cat09 says

    homeboy is back 👌👌👌

  10. pinedust the young furr! says

    What i hate. (Joke)
    1. People begging for likes.
    7. People that cant count.
    3. "2019?" No.

    Like if you watch in 2019!

    This was a joke ok?

  11. Eva Bradford says

    Dogs aren't allowed rice

  12. Nate Chatterton says

    Minecraft seed, puppies in ditches. Puppy interview ruffly very cute. Woah, that is what's wrong with puppies today, always wanting to put there thing into things. He is very skilled, a hero and now the puppies have bragging rights and they were living in ditches but were they snitches? 🤔

  13. Esamisipho Nxumalo says

    Dogs are supposed to eat rice😒

  14. Amaranta Ortiz Gomez says

    dogs can eat rice

  15. Peter Crowe says

    Who love Azzy land

  16. Tia Moroni says

    Love this video

  17. ayesha khan says

    i love but you know the money i really hate it but tell me is it really that thing im i dont like the money one dont make that more

  18. Lazy RENBOW says

    One time I was watching ASMR then when i woke up i found him making an underground thingy majig.

    I forgot to switch of auto play tho hahaha

  19. Raya Ranjnikar says

    Hello azzy….. kind request from your fan…….can you please react to some indian songs

  20. kannan kannan says

    I've seen this on Jordy's channel

  21. MFEC says Johny Johny Yes Papa

  22. Lane Petersen says

    can you feature me

  23. Lane Petersen says

    love all your videos and your song


    Just here to say that there should be no tubes in a hamster cage its not safe for them

  25. Gacha Angel says

    me: Im soo good at building
    person: makes stuff for puppies

    One like is one puppy!

  26. Søren Madsen says

    Many dogs eat rise mine dose that to

  27. Lisa X says

    At the beginning she was talking about puppy’s in a ditch. Change the ‘d’ to a ‘b’ and it would make more sense

  28. Shiva Azar says

    Like I f you like azzy Land

  29. Natasa Grozdanov says

    By the way dogs can eat rice

  30. Jade Sinclair says

    Azzy: not all superheroes have capes
    Me: I don't have a cape

  31. Startlight _ wolf37 says

    One like is one puppy for Azzy
    Ps I'm a small YouTube I guts post my first video

  32. Hannah Peppard says

    Please do anther satisfying or try not to say wow challenge please please PLEASE!!!

  33. Mitchell Sullivan says

    Azzy you are my favorite youtuber i havent met you in person but you are so kind and you are really pretty.

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