Kids who are in UNBELIEVABLE trouble

Kids who are in UNBELIEVABLE trouble
SUBSCRIBE and become part of the AzzyLand family 😀 Kids who are in UNBELIEVABLE trouble Hello Citizens of Azzyland…. I’m Azzy and welcome to another …

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  1. Jackson Townsend says


  2. fraggle mum says

    pls keep doing puns there great!!!😘😙😚

  3. Nora McGregor-Beug says

    Anyone in 2019?

  4. The Dorsett Girls says

    Little girl stuck in the drain, I will give u all my money I promise deserve it. Soooo that’s $189…. Girl u is gonna be Rich! I’m sorry I can’t actually do that…

  5. Pam Ross says


  6. Pam Ross says


  7. Pam Ross says

    It pretty funny 😆

  8. Pam Ross says


  9. Pam Ross says

    Please dab

  10. Pam Ross says


  11. Cielo&RosieDaily says

    And also at a birthday party I don’t remember who it was for but me and my other cousins were watching a movie on the tv and THAT SAME LITTLE COUSIN THREW HER HARDEST TOY AND SHE THREW IT AT THE TV and it was broken…..

  12. Diddlesbury Bayliss says

    My leg got stuck I a little kid tunnel

  13. Susan Tiffany says

    I don’t like you

  14. Beverly Waldronlillana says

    2:31 hello darkness smiled friend 😆

  15. owen plays says

    Don't press read more

  16. Ale toys and me Mdo says

    Are they Ninjas? Are they bats(specifically the one who got his shorts stuck on the drawer? I have so many questions. Some I don’t want the answers to

  17. Ale toys and me Mdo says

    My question is how did those kids do that????

  18. Rielly’s Wayback says

    Hi hi hi hi hi

  19. Maureen Aboyte says

    At cherch thers a girl she is my moms frand she allwhas grads my chik in herts 😕

  20. Jessica Snare says

  21. jaroslava pohlotkova says

    Everyone subscribe to azzy and kwebblkop haters are dum

  22. Michael Rocky Trevizo says

    The chubby cheeks photo was me when I was little

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