Kids Who’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Kids Who’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity
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  1. sadie808 says

    he u hit the mic i hit the wall with my laptop

  2. Catz r da BEST!!! says

    Actually huggs are verry important. Hugging not only speeds up healing processes of any kind, it also instantaneously raises oxytocin levels, which help heal bad emotions such as lonlyness, anger, sadness etc.

  3. Ryry0927 Riley says

    Umm it depends on the dog I have one and that is him on my Pic and he hates the water so much he is scared of water but some dog just love it so much like if you have a dog that hates water foment if he loves water

  4. Isaac Crew says

    Or “

  5. Azzy: think of your next birthday, it’s FOREVER…
    Me: but my birthday is tomorrow….

  6. Mr. CrazyWaffles says

    I laughed when she said the thing about how your birthday is so long away

    My birthday is in 2 days

  7. Savanna D'Onofrio says

    I have a puppy! She hates going out in the rain!


    My dog hates the water

  9. Pateicia Larosa says

    I was bullied for 5 years
    1 like=1 bully gone

  10. Sadie Tam says

    How do we know that you were bullied that could be a lie

  11. Cool Dogs says

    Who ever hurts dogs gets hert by me 1 like=I punch

  12. Venice Qbie says

    Ok this just bappened to me today , so it was raining heavily and at that time my dad and i were going to take away some food but the rain was too heavy so we tried to think of ways we can do to keep ourselfs from being wet and suddenly an old man came out from hes car thats next to us and asked if we were gonna go to eat we of course said yes and were literily shocked cuz these things dont happened that much AT ALL. So i went out of the car and said thank you and HE HAD THE BIGGEST SMILE EVER so yeah
    ( and btw forgot to mention he came out the car with an umbrella)

  13. kittencutie96 says

    I'd hug you Azzy and I'd love to get a hug from you it wouldnt be weird to me ☺ i love hugs 🤗 and aww these kids are too sweet and amazing i would be so proud if my son was like these kids when he grows up but i gots time to dream cuz he's only 1 ❤

  14. Edith Rodriguez says

    A street cat was laying in my backyard then it will just live in my backyard so now I am thinking to keeping it I always give it food and a place to sleep ☺️

  15. Leo S-012 says

    Hugs Azzy tightly I’m not a hugger Azzy. Your one a few few people that get my hugs.

  16. Aesthetic Unicorn says

    The triathlon one we learned about in school today 😂

  17. Elizabeth Flores says

    HUGS🌸 one like = hugs for azzy🌸

  18. Zinedine Ikhlef says

    I got bullied yesterday at school and they torn my shirt and made me got an injury 1 like = 1 hope I don’t get bullied again ☹️

  19. Chloe Smithe says

    Hi everyone I have a challenge for you!
    Multiple spot the difference challenges

    Challenge 1

    Well done

    Challenge 2

    Good job

    Final challenge
    Extra hard

  20. Chloe Smithe says

    🦏 being serious

    1 like = how much money I will donate to 🦏 I have 220 dollars 😊

  21. Kawaii Donut says

    In the thumbnail the girl is actually a Pilipina

  22. Law Walker says

    I was buleyed in kinugorin and first grayed

  23. Daniel Marx says

    My dog LOVES water

  24. Raya Taneva says

    Yesterday me and my mum were walking and saw a boy picking up a banana pile and his father said he shouldn't do that and my mum told the father that it's the right thing to do and he said he won't be told how to raise his own kid and I felt really bad for the boy.

  25. Oh Doodles says

    Hi Azzy! If you’re reading this I was really amazed by all the little girls and boys who grew/cut their hair for cancer. I shaved my head in march and raised some money, I had hair down to my waist.

  26. Minecraft master Master says


  27. Isabelle DeGruy says

    Everyone bully's me school 😥

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