KISSES Hot Cocoa Cookies // Presented By HERSHEY'S Chocolate

KISSES Hot Cocoa Cookies // Presented By HERSHEY'S Chocolate
These KISSES cookies are the perfect twist on a toasty cup of hot cocoa.

Source Tasty
  1. Loølabunu - says

    I like tge idea with the herseys. It looks great! Probably tastes tge same way.. but you gotta see it, it kinda looks like poop

  2. Rude Valve says

    Certified Platinum!!!!!

  3. Miku Hatsune says

    Why does it look like poop?

  4. Penelope Waal says

    Raise your hand if your too lazy to actually make these

  5. Times in İstanbul says

    Seems to be the best recipe

  6. One Rotten Potato says

    They can finally stop calling Reese’s chocolate peanut butter cups

  7. Maher Self says

    Tbh when I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was poop

  8. Vincenzo's Plate says

    Delicious! I’m going to try this 😋

  9. Kamal Fernando says

    So sad this decade is going to end

  10. Given Warner says


    you are a rebel, i like you. 😎 the goal for 2020 is 15000, líkê and süßsçríbè for good luck 🍀

  11. Gaurav Badshah says

    I think that they would make a shit with chocolate by seeing the thumbnail but when I watch the video oh it's a cookie

  12. iiCrybxbyii MSP says

    So I was gonna make these until I realised i have no Hershey’s coco .. would I be able to use normal coco?

  13. Sunshine Everyday says

    This is PRETTY!!!

    Show ur support ppl!!!

  14. 나우영 says

    운영김가정 동성당
    은지이가정 동성당
    정연조가정 동성당
    현재이가정 동성당

  15. Turtytreeandaturd says

    A shit with a collar..

  16. Henry Song says

    Looks like a little shit

  17. Abbas Busari says

    I love tasty so much !

  18. Fahad Al-Thani says

    🤤🤤🤤 am dying

  19. Sanjana !! says

    I'm hungry
    I want this
    I want it ready made
    I need this
    It's a necessity now 😭😭
    I want chocolate Atleast

  20. ambz1985 says

    Yummy i wanna eat my phone

  21. Rhythmic Soul says

    Am I the only one, or do those look a bit like Dragon Quest slimes?

  22. Alex Grin says

    they look like tiny poo

  23. The Cook says


  24. Zero says

    They don't look like cookies 💩

  25. Ug Buga says

    Yay my favourite chocolate turd cookies

  26. Qaima Ali says


  27. SleepyHead says

    Why does it look like poop tho?

  28. 야미뉴스 YummyNews says

    So yummy😎🤣😍👍

  29. glitchy tube says

    Thumbnail looks like poop

  30. saran Achu says

    Wat alternate can I use for eggs?

  31. Daniel Dulivero says

    Well… as long as they are not artificial flavor!

  32. Hit Like if you are a fan of tasty ❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍

  33. Natsuki says

    This one’s not too difficult. Although knowing me, I’ll find some way to mess it up lol

  34. m says

    reminds me of this post where someone used xmas bell shaped chocolates and it looked like nipples

  35. DRake789 says

    It looks like a turd

  36. Manha Mahfuj says

    Very much yummy very much cute

  37. Leslie Lemus says

    Can you guys make pad see ew? That's my favorite dish!!! And maybe chicken satay and thai ice tea?? I would really like to learn from you ❤

  38. Sahail Alvi says

    I am so sorry

    But am I the only one who thinks that this looks like 💩

  39. Jared Zaphet says

    I thought it was poo

  40. Terry Luk says

    looks like a turd

  41. Jax Trần says

    Tasty: says Dutch process cocoa powder is better in brownie video

    Also Tasty: uses natural cocoa powder

  42. Alvin 1 says

    It's just my luck that Tasty uploads this on the day I find out I am lactose intolerant

  43. LocalJax ASMR says

    What a wonderful kisses hot cocoa cookies recipe.

  44. Iman Fatima 146 says

    Yummy waow

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