Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Kylie Jenner Inspired Makeup Tutorial
Hello my lovelies! Here is my spin on the gorgeous makeup that Kylie Jenner wore to the ESPY’s Awards. Hope you guys like this video! – Roxi ♡My Links♡ …

Source Roxxsaurus
  1. Marissa Mayle says

    Favorite eye look 👀😍

  2. Holly Phillips says

    can do kim kardshain inpriesd makeup turriol

  3. Chloe Hoopyy says

    Omg you are so beautiful 😍😍😍

  4. Issy Roberts says

    hey I love your channel so much its really inspirational and helpful, I am definitely going ro 'TRY' and recreate this look…… btw your so beautiful 😁 xxx

  5. Jerry Fifi says
  6. LifeWithZ says

    Loved this video!

  7. Anna Pender says

    What brand of false lashes did you use in this video??

  8. Emily Rutherford says

    Lacura is an Aldi beauty brand but it's amazing

  9. Franchesca Horan says

    Perrie Edwards please🙏
    you remind me of her because of your nose pierce

  10. shannon allan says

    ahhh your hair I'm inlove!!
    girllll,do you still use the same hair dye you used in your hair care routine last year?

  11. Kareena K says

    OMG!! You need to do a " My boyfriend does my makeup!" 😂😉😍😘💕

  12. cat zxlki says

    You're one of the prettiest people ever I can't even 😍

  13. Liza Prideaux says

    Just found your channel because I follow the lovely Sabrina from love laugh and makeup on Instagram , so glad I found your channel what a beauty!

  14. Rabbit 1991 says

    dear Roxy… love you so much

  15. Annabel 345 says

    is the lacura beauty eyebrow pencil from aldi? I've seen some lacura products in there and they all say exclusive to aldi?

  16. Mirthe Julie says

    iloveyou ♥️, you kinda look like Hanna from Pretty Little Liars ! ( Ashley Benson )

  17. chocolat3chocolat3 says

    what about a rihanna inspired makeup? plzz that would be awesome!!

  18. DaanielaMS says

    Anyone knows what are the brushes that she used? Beautiful look n_n

  19. vita xo says

    this look is so gorgeous omg

  20. Enma Toledo Torres says

    so beautiful, i love it <3

  21. Alex Russo says

    A Shay Mitchell make up tutorial please!!!

  22. Alex Russo says

    I think it's her best look until now!!

  23. Lucia Violet says

    Beautiful as usual ☺️

  24. Sinead Magee says

    Pia mia😻😻

  25. Helen James says

    You are so pretty 💕💜

  26. Emily Hunt-Daines says

    Perrie Edwards from little mix x

  27. Anne-Mari Rutberg says

    Love this video! So beautiful 😀

  28. Kasey Vlogs says

    Could you do a Kendall Jenner inspired makeup tutorial. By the way you looked so lovely in this tutorial xx

  29. Panna Kinga says

    Jesteś przepiękna 🙂
    A jak ostatnio dotarłam do tego, że pochodzisz z Polski to już w ogóle Cię pokochałam 😀
    Świetny kanał – trzymaj tak dalej!
    Przesyłam buziaki!

  30. Laura Bradley says

    I love your tutorials style! Thank you for talking through the methods, it really helps 🙂

  31. Ahoj Cubova says


  32. fetish by miss gomez says

    pls i like to see selena gomez's make up tuttorial from her song same old love !

  33. Kamila Ziomek says

    Odkąd zobaczyłam twój vlog Trip to Poland , uwielbiam cię i cały czas cię oglądam :* Pozdrowienia z Polski 🙂

    Since when I saw your vlog Trip it is Poland, I adore you and all the time I am examining you: * Of greeting from Poland:)

  34. sweet Candy says

    very cute hello video greetings from Buenos Aires , I would love you to send me some video greetings either to me or to Argentina , thanks

  35. lexrocks36 says

    I would love to be able to have eyebrows shaped like yours but not sure how to achieve shaping them with tweezing or trimming could you do a video on that? Pretty please? 🙂

  36. Micaela Madrid says

    I'd like to see one of Kourtney Kardashian or Kim. Every time I see a video, I try to recreate them 🙂 So, you help me a lot!

  37. LmLa Leemoo says

    لا إله الا. الله

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