Lentils And Rice With Caramelized Onions

Lentils And Rice With Caramelized Onions
GET THE FULL RECIPE: https://tasty.co/recipe/orange-glazed-meatballs-and-veggies Lentils and rice cooked together with herbs and spices, topped with …

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  1. SirParcifal says

    p.s. it's great for pregnant women

  2. SirParcifal says

    I love lentils – my mom made them when I was ten years old and I was reluctant to try them – by the end of dinner I said how could something so ugly taste so beautiful – and she laughed

  3. Jc Kinney says

    Mjadarrah 😂

  4. Ishani Gunaratne says

    Rice looks raw

  5. Shukur. Antonio says


  6. Cutie Cat says

    In my country it's called fakorizo without the onion

  7. Mohamed Khalifa says

    I thought is called mujahideen

  8. Mohamed Khalifa says

    Looks really good ❤️

  9. 1228smiley says

    I think it’s very disrespectful for Tasty not to mention the origins of this traditional Lebanese dish. Use your platform to teach folks to cook AND some culture about the foods you’re making.

  10. Super Schmo says

    If I am making brown rice separately, and I want to use canned lentils, what would I have to do differently in regards to preparing the lentils? Less water?

  11. Rosie Yah says

    i eat this all the time thanks to you guys!

  12. Taqi Hussain says

    I Am Pakistani And I Enjoy This Recipe In Pakistan They Call It “Kichdi”.

  13. azary martinez says

    Yogurt is NOT vegan

  14. Kevin Wildberger says

    What is the song?

  15. Taqi Hussain says

    It Is A Pleasant Food For Vegetarians And Vegans Because They Are “Non Meat-Eaters”.

  16. Odalys says

    I made this but my rice was underdone. And then I added more water and ruined it because it was bland then. Dammit. But I'll try again

  17. sah dude says

    shut up indians, thats not Khichdi 😀 Makes sense?

  18. sidthekid says

    your ned

  19. sidthekid says

    its freaking called dal

  20. Jolly says

    The yogurt at the end seems completely random to me and out of place.

  21. Suad Almualla says

    more vegetarian gluten free dairy free please

  22. Li Ma says

    can you start a tasty for diabetics?

  23. aslı aa says

    dadı lenti

  24. M A says

    This is Lebanese mdardara

  25. -excuse my charisma says

    Tasty: Lentils and rice with caramelized onions
    Arabs: Mujadara.

  26. Naz Mor says

    You should wash the lentils befoure you cook it because it's full of dust

  27. Scarlett Taylor says

    Am I the only one jammin’ in the kitchen to this beat super hard?

  28. Patricia tha bibliophile says

    I effin love lentils.

  29. Sky Raven says

    Oh gosh I have very strong hatred for this dish. Makes me gag

  30. Empath Drina says

    This looks so easy and I actually have all the ingredients 👍🏽

  31. saranicole says

    Cinnamon? I hate to sound like that dumb American, but I'm not sure I've ever had cinnamon in a savory dish…. It's kinda freaking me out… How exactly do you eat the yogurt with it? Mix it in? Eat a bit on each bite?

  32. YeshuaJesusis King says

    everyone chill 😂😂

  33. Tindra says

    That looks so freaking good.

  34. Hema Sawant says

    And we call it dal khichdi

  35. Aishani Shukla says

    essentially khichdi with pyaaz and raita/ dahi

  36. Kezi says

    How many people is this for?

  37. Me says


  38. Jasmine says

    Can you freeze the leftovers?!! Xx

  39. evaloshka says

    There are many ways of doing a dish, do your own at yiur best judgement and called it wherever you want, …… for me is as simple as arroz con lentejas. (Rice with lentis) … thank you for sharing.

  40. Talen Tommo says

    1 you don’t add cinnamon
    2 use white onions and just fry them with some sugar in a pan with oil
    3 boil the lentils for a bit before the rice
    4 give us Arabs for creating such an amazing food

  41. Devpriya Banerjee says

    We call this khichuri here in Kolkata!

  42. L.M. Welsh says

    Italians make sausage and lentils – gonna try this with the sausage – OMG!!!!

  43. Rana M. says

    Just add some pasta and it will be KOUSHARY

  44. radhikapatil1986 says

    Never ever ever use rice and lentils without washing first

  45. albino hedgehog says

    It looks slimy.

  46. Sydra Weis says

    Change the title to mujadara

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